332: Appearances

Too many people in this world are totally concerned with physical appearances. This is a real and genuine problem. Physical attractiveness is at best, a minor plus because someone at least cares enough about themselves to groom before they head out into public. At worst, it denotes a selfish and morbid self-absorption, that someone is so awfully concerned with their personal appearance that they won’t go out until they spend hours making themselves as perfect as they think they can be.

On the other hand, someone who is not clean, and who is wearing filthy clothes is transmitting another negative message altogether. I still say, however, that  people who are concerned with the exterior package are missing the whole point of the gift. It is like a gift – the exterior person, the appearance, is like the gift wrap on the package. The good stuff is supposed to be on the inside of the package, hidden from view.  Sometimes what is inside the most attractive human packages is a severe and bitter disappointment – sort’ve like getting a bundle of switches for Christmas. A total letdown. Some people who have lovely giftwrap have nothing of substance inside.

Now, that does not mean that a plain package always means an interesting inside, but it does often seem to work out that way – the less spectacular packages are the more interesting ones to open and discover. Besides, try as you will, spend what you will at the plastic surgeon’s, you will not be beautiful forever. It is a far better investment of someone’s time to invest in interior self-improvement than to spend lots of money on the exterior package. Keep it clean, exercise it, pay a little attention to it, but don’t worship it – that God is going to fade away. Much better to spend time learning interesting things, doing interesting things and making yourself interesting to others. That lasts.


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