333: Ding dong, dad gum it

Every single move I have made in my entire freaking life has been in an effort to remove problems and obstacles to help make life better not only for me, but also for all the people I love and care about. That is one of the most excellent reasons for making changes in your life: a new diet, a new exercise routine, a new hobby, a new house, a new job, a new freaking COUNTRY. All of my choices were to improve things. They have not worked out that way, but hey! You do the best with the information you have, or that you can research, at the time.

And, once a major life decision has blown up in your face (again), you have then some decisions to make about how to deal with it. Do you moan and whine? Do you bitch and groan? Do you become hard and bitter? Do you bend over and take it like a man in prison? Somewhere in between, hopefully?

Are the troubles enough to warrant ditching it, throwing in the towel, doing a re-boot, going for a do-over? What if you don’t have enough money to flee, and you must hunker down and stick it out until the bitter end? Is this where you discover how much courage (and sheer donkey) stubbornness you have? And for that matter, WHY am I having to plumb the depths of my courage and stubbornness YET AGAIN?

I think it is a consequence of being willing to explore and to reach out. Lots of times you get your hand smacked for doing that. People who hibernate at home generally don’t come into contact with too many evil people (if you don’t count home invasions and SOME relatives), and therefore have relatively peaceful lives. No pun intended.

Stink. Doo-doo. Poop. I’d prefer less drama, but I’m not willing to hibernate in order to achieve it. Yet.


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