344: Just Desserts

In the little fenced compound where my little house, my casita, is located in Panama, we have three dogs that are inside (for security? I guess?) and several of the people who live here have dogs of their own, most of whom are kept inside, or leashed, or fenced. However, there is one the owners let run loose with the three who belong to the property owner, who roam the property at will.

This is an issue because I have cats. One other neighbor also has cats, and their cat has learned not to run, but to confront the bully dogs – who have learned to leave her alone. My cats have not yet learned this essential skill. They still run.

I let them outside, which they adore, only when I am there to help watch over them.

Last night, Caruso was lying on the sidewalk in front of my house, enjoying the warmth of the concrete, while basking in the cool breeze. The neighbor’s dog was sitting alertly on his house’s front porch, intently staring at my cat who was minding his own business at my house. I was watching this scenario unfold from my hammock on the front porch.

This dog KNEW he was not supposed to chase that cat. He stood it for as long as he was able, and then, being a dog, he charged. Caruso fled for the house, but turned as he neared the porch to confront the dog, who was in full pursuit. I myself was climbing out of the hammock to intervene, when danger turned to slapstick comedy.

As Caruso turned to meet the dog, the dog swerved away from him, and in the dark, he ran into a scrawny little lime tree planted in the yard. As he ran into the branches of this mostly denuded-of-foliage, little stick tree, he was apparently CONVINCED that the cat had gotten hold of him. He yelped like a baby and ran off……

I laughed and laughed…………………


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