348: Renewing a tourist visa

Costa Rica 016I am a temporary resident of Panama. My work visa (temporary resident’s visa) is held up because some document thieves in Miami stole the first copy. Somebody is getting a USA green card using my stolen FBI Criminal Background check document, apostiled by the Panama Consulate (total cost to me for this piece of paper, plus postage -more than 100 US dollars). Meh.

So, because this document has to be replaced at long-distance, my residency visa is delayed, meaning that my tourist visa that I entered the country with is expiring in a few weeks. So, as a consequence, I am lounging in a resort in Costa Rica in order to re-enter Panama after the Christmas holidays with a new six-month tourist visa. I hope this one will last until the real visa can be processed….otherwise I will be vacationing here again. This could be worse, actually. ALL my problems should be solvable this way……..

However, I was told by all the online articles I could find that Costa Rica is cheap living…and these mofos lie at least as much as the ones who wrote that Panama was cheap living. MOROCCO is cheap living. Panama and Costa Rica cost out the a**. I do not understand how people here can afford to eat, and I have gotten used to doing that at least once a day…it is a habit I’d like to continue indulging.  Food costs a LOT here, and I am not someone who buys brand name items, much less AMERICAN brand name items. I buy produce off the street from street vendors – and I eat at street stalls, too. Cheaper and good food, usually. I have been thoroughly shocked at the prices here in Costa Rica, and this town is not a tourist haven. Clothes and shoes are expensive here, too. At least in Panama, you can buy inexpensive clothing and shoes. Costa Rica 022

However, I was able to buy some street food, and plan to return there once a day while I am here, because it’s less to eat there than to buy it from the grocery and cook my own – no kidding.

Costa Rica 044

AND, it’s not like I came here for the sight-seeing. I came here because I need a new tourist visa, so hanging out in the resort by the pool is about the height of my ambitions – plus learning how to make my gift Kindle actually let me read some of the books it came pre-loaded with. I hate electronic gadgets – and I am the Technology Coordinator at my school – meh. Still…since I have one, I am learning how to use the dad-blasted thing. It is annoying, like any new electronic gadget.

There is a small shopping mall nearby that has a movie theater…and I have not been to see a movie in God Himself only knows how long. So, I guess my husband and I will go…it will be Christmas day in two days – tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, world – and peace and goodwill towards all humans and living things.


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