350: Evidence to the Contrary

the-plain-unwelcome-fact-is-that-sometimes-life-stymies-you-quote-1Sometimes facts just GET IN THE WAY of what I wanted to do in the first place. Nothing is more annoying than somebody who points out the obvious flaws in my plans – the ones that just prior to their logical revelations, I HAD considered to be well-laid plans. Dammit. Dung pile. Pony loaf. Taurus feces, and other colorful and stinky epithets. Now I am faced with the choice of plowing ahead and doing what I wanted to do anyway, flying in the face of logic and reason (and what reasonable person obstinately, knowingly and willingly does THAT), or bowing graciously to my higher self (unwilling notwithstanding) and changing my ideas around to fit the unavoidable facts. Poop. Dookey. Horse cookies and cow pies. Rabbit Raisinettes.





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