367: Intelligence gone awry

untitledI got into an exchange of words with a liberal on FB. Nothing particularly unusual about that. What is unusual about this time is that the person is actually fairly intelligent, and is still a raving liberal. This is a conundrum.

Matter of fact, many of the teachers I know (most of them, in fact), are liberals, and they together form a fairly large segment of the educated and fairly intelligent population, and yet, they are still liberals. How can this be? I suspect that being teachers pre-selects them for being caring, giving  individuals who are more concerned with making a difference and helping people than they are concerned about money. This is, I believe, a fatal flaw.

It is not a problem to want to help others. This is a good thing. Teachers are usually among the group of people who want to help others as a major driving force in their lives. Nobody goes into teaching for the  money, that is for darn sure. This is not a bad thing, per se, wanting to help others.

It is a problem, however, when you care more about helping others than you do about having the available money to help others…oh, wait!! I can solve this problem easily: help others with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. There you have it, the liberal manifesto.

It never seems to occur to these otherwise fairly intelligent people that you cannot help others (individuals OR countries) when you are BROKE. The USA is BROKE. We don’t have the money to bail out countries, police other countries, pay for our numerous and over-subscribed to social programs at home, or even to fund our own citizen’s paid-for-in-advance benefits like Social Security, and military veteran’s benefits. Economics of countries is, indeed, more complicated than personal individual finances, but countless examples of other nations spending themselves into financial ruin prove that the principles are not too far dissimilar. You can’t run up massive debt, and then try to pay it back with bogus money you print up, willy-nilly, in the basement reserve. Your debtors consider that cheating…somewhat. They tend to call you on it.

When they call you on it, you have massive inflation and economic disaster – and there are many examples of this process in history. Brazil in the 1980’s is one. There are others more recent.

Nobody said helping others is a bad thing in principle. I will say it is a bad thing when the program designed to help others is mismanaged, and creates generational poverty-stricken, dependent recipients, and massive fraud and cheating to obtain benefits by people who are otherwise perfectly able to work, and choose not to. Still, helping others is good – as long as there is money to do it. When you are broke, you can’t do it. And if you keep doing it anyway, printing up the readies to do it with, the snit is going to hit the fan, and all of us will not be smelling pretty.

How is it that is so very, very difficult to understand for what are otherwise at least moderately intelligent people? THAT’S the part *I* don’t understand.


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