369: Obnoxious and Toxic

12273880-illustration-of-comic-cartoon-houseflies-flying-around-and-eating-a-dog-poohI have a coworker who is responsible for this title. What a genuine turd. With a Dairy Queen flourished curl on the top. A person who will never have hemmorhoids, because he is such a PERFECT asshole.

I have just had two days of sincere aggravation at the hands of this individual, icing on the cake of aggravation he has been baking for the last seven months. When I was hired at this job, I was hired as head of the department. This was shared at a joint meeting in August, the first month of school. Since them, this little dude has weaseled his way into refusing to be subordinate to me, refusing to submit any paperwork through me, as instructed by our common boss, and refusing to keep me updated on developments, also as instructed by our common boss. He went to far as to resign, and the boss man groveled him into staying on. My opinion of the matter would have been to say “don’t let the door hit ya, on the way out, where the good Lord split ya.” If you are the boss man, why do you want to keep an employee who is not doing their job, and one who flouts your direct requests, at that? I’d take one look at that figurative middle finger in my face and let the dude WALK. Life would be so much simpler.

Yesterday, this person installed a network filter at our school, restricting Internet access for ALL STAFF and ALL STUDENTS, one day before the grades for this quarter are due, wreaking havoc with planned lessons and grade reporting, because he did this without a word to anyone that this was what he was going to do, until after the fact. And, for the good of the school and staff morale, I am not letting people know that this problem has been caused by this …..person. I am taking the higher road, and not liking it, because I have 25 years of experience and I know, even if he obviously does not, that one does not launch a software initiative that affects all users without a word of warning. It tends to piss people off just a tad. Which I have been hearing about ALL DAY TODAY, the day after.

Now, I get to fix it. What joy. For this, they pay me the big bucks. Yeah, right.


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