373: The Validity of My Opinion

I have an opinion. Based on facts or pure supposition, it is nevertheless my opinion. It is valid because it is my opinion – which does not make it a valid opinion.

EVERYBODY deserves to have their opinion. They are breathing, that means they are a real, live human being, and their opinions are theirs, and should be respected as their opinions. It is that whole free speech thing. Nobody qualified that free speech thing by saying that you had to have a clue. Even if that is very, very, very helpful when you form your opinions, it is not a qualification. If you want to support the Save the Fire Ants Fund, your opinion is your opinion (and so should your money be yours to do with as you please, too).

Once you are dead, unless you are a published author, your opinions don’t count for much (unless you continue to vote as a DemocRAT after your demise, like so many others have done). But I digress.

Just because you formed your opinion by reaching far, far up into your own bowels and pulling forth this shining gem of thought, does not mean it is not your legitimate opinion. That much is granted. However…..

…..when confronted by evidence that soundly refutes your shining gem of thought (derived from your own assholiness), you need to be grown up enough to be able and willing to change your opinion. Just because it is yours, does not mean it is perfect (some PARENTS need to read that one TWICE).

And you need to be able to do that changing of your opinion without ATTACKING the other person for their opinions – which are legitimately theirs as much as your opinion was yours. You don’t know – they might have consulted actual information in the formation of their opinions. It does occasionally happen.



2 thoughts on “373: The Validity of My Opinion

  1. Indeed, we are free to choose what to do and how to do it. Yet, in Africa, no one tries what no one else ever tried to do before. This is what I have seen here in the last few years of adventure.

    Whenever I come up with something new, people oppose asking, why do you do this? No one ever done this here before. Well, what do you think?

    One thing from my own opinion is that it is possible for your to do the “Writing, editing, formatting, designing, publishing and marketing your own books online”.

    Have you done this before? Do you want to do it? Do you believe it works? Anyway, in my opinion, it works at least for me. But this does not mean that I could not listen to you when you advice me.

    • That is a tough one. When I am in another culture, the things I see that are different interest me the most. I pay attention when people do things differently than I do, because I am open to new things and methods that might be better than mine. The thing to do, I suppose, is show them by example that your way is better in some way: easier, cheaper, less time-consuming, etc. And if they choose to overlook it, that is their choice.

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