383: Coming to Conclusions

Through circumstances not of my making, I have been husband-less for nearly a year. I left to start my new job in June of 2013. Except for a visit from him of about one month, I have been living alone in a four-bedroom house since then. It is now May of 2014.

What I have learned is that being by myself (four kitties notwithstanding) is that I do not in the least mind being by myself. I have not BEEN by myself before for any length of time. First I was a child with my family, then with roommates and housemates in college, then married, with children, then widowed with children, then re-married with children, married with children in college. Never alone. Until now.

I think I like it.

I don’t think that was the conclusion my husband hoped I’d reach.

I’ve reached it.


2 thoughts on “383: Coming to Conclusions

  1. Being alone with yourself can either be daunting or delightful. The deciding factor is how comfortable you are with your own self. Being alone is like holding a mirror up to yourself and being forced to looked into it. Either you recognize all your stuff, good and bad, or you need to escape to the company of others. But that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the pleasure of a man’s company. 😉

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