386: 10 Things YOU Will Learn If You Become a Teacher

10. You will discover where patience comes from – from multiple, multiple, multiple opportunities to practice it. Every day, every hour of every day – some days, every minute of every hour.

9. You will discover a little of what being a mom is about (at least from 8 until 4) in that you will NEVER, EVER, NEVER have enough time to do what you need to do, much less what you want to do. Just do the best you possibly can, and the rest waits until tomorrow – or you can cheat and work on it at home, too……………

8. Organization. You will learn to be organized….or you will die. Beneath the huge, towering pile of papers.

7. How not to panic. You will learn that most things are not red, white or blue emergencies (red = blood, white = ’bout to vomit, blue = not breathing) and that being calm helps everyone around you be calmer and not scream quite so much, too. AND they will teach you what to do about the red, white and blue ones.  Really, they will. I promise.

6. You will learn to live on less money. You will have more vacation time, but no money to go anywhere. Meh.

5. You will learn first-hand about second chances and mercy, neither of which are deserved, and both of which you will occasionally dispense in the process of forging responsible, independent adults out of what you started with, which defies description, in some cases. Most cases.

4. You will discover and marvel at the incredible diversity of small humans. Every day. Even within the same child.

3. You will wish you could help more of them who so very obviously need someone to love them, at least more than they are getting. Every day.

2. You will learn how to keep your mouth shut, and you will learn when you can’t keep your mouth shut, and you will learn when you should NOT keep your mouth shut.

1. You will plumb the depths of your knowledge, your craftiness, your strength, your compassion, your flexibility, your stubbornness, your creativity, and your humanity, and discover that you are far more than you ever thought you were. That’s why.download




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