398: Do Unto Others……

There is a lot of wisdom in the holy scriptures of a number of religions (and ideologies, which are ‘religions’ that don’t recognize a Supreme Being). After all, it would not have made it into the ranks of a major world religion if it did not have at least SOME truth in it (although some are pushing that boundary pretty darn hard).

One of the ones that is having particular meaning for me lately is the one from the Bible about “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Now, on the surface, and taking what I believe is the underlying meaning of this maxim, humans are being instructed here to treat people as KINDLY, HONESTLY, HUMANELY and POLITELY as they, themselves, would prefer to be treated by other humans. I say, “on the surface.”  What I have discovered with age and experience (not necessarily the same thing, unfortunately) is what lawmakers have discovered about writing laws. When you write a law, it needs to be crystal clear what your intent is in the wording of the law, such that, under no imaginable circumstances, can someone who wants to pervert what you intended do so by interpreting what you have written in such a way that you did not intend them to interpret it, and manage to do the exact opposite of what your intent was in writing the law to begin with. Therein lies the rub with humans.  And laws.

SOME people have taken the Golden Rule and interpreted it to mean, literally, “Screw them before they can screw you.” And they are living that, every day. That is just not how I think that statement was intended to be interpreted. Do you seriously want everybody you see to screw you before you can screw them? This is NOT about sex, by the way – when I say screw you, I mean treat you unkindly, dishonestly, inhumanely and impolitely – not the literal “screw you,” which would be the ultimate bad treatment indeed. I do not see people as prey. It would be nice if other people also did not view me as prey, either.

Plus, I have come to the conclusion lately that I am a toxic person. When I care about someone, I manage, nearly 100% of the time, to turn them from pretty normal people into slobbering, drooling, freakish, selfish and using monsters. It happens so often and so consistently that the fault HAS to be with me. I am a monster-enabler. So much for the Golden Rule.



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