409: Reflections

Being a reflective person is both a gift and a curse. See, reflective people actually think, analyze and consider their lives, how things are going, have gone and will go (not necessarily in that order), the world, other people, sex, politics and religion, and myriad other topics, both at random and deliberately seeking to understand, make connections with all those dots, and trying to make life better not only for me, myself, but for others I care about, those I don’t particularly care about, and the universe in general. So. How is this both a gift and a curse, you might ask? Ask or not, here goes:

People who are not reflective just live their lives in the moment and don’t bother a single brain cell (of the few they have operational) with any thoughts of how they might have avoided past problems so that future problems are eased, much less whether their roles in various situations contributed for the better (or not), and the thorny (thornLESS, for them) area of self-improvement. You know, like those women who are more than 150% overweight who post memes about ‘like me the way I am,’ with never a thought on actually imposing some self-discipline to do other activities/hobbies available in life besides gastronomy – leading to an early death due to the health complications of obesity. Yeah, live in the moment – the few of them you are ensuring for yourself.

Now, stop taking off your shoe to hurl at me. I know perfectly well that you can live a disciplined, ordered, reflective life, and accidentally step off the curb and meet your maker at the hands of a bus. Nobody is guaranteed any particular life span. However, to continue to do things proven to hasten your meeting with God (once you actually know what those things are) is demonstrating not a whole lot of self-preservation instinct. Living in the moment. Must be nice to be so oblivious.

Of course, humans rationalize everything – there are some who say that if Heaven is supposed to be perfect, why on Earth would anybody want to live a longer time on Earth? Yeah – that is exactly the motivation for all those Islamic suicide bombers and terrorists, too, and I certainly do NOT want to align myself with THAT sort of thinking, even if the theology is sound.

Still, there is something to be said for the brainless sort of person who is just totally laid back, dude. I just don’t think I will be that sort of person until about 15 minutes before I die. Until then, I will continue to live reflectively, self-improving to the best of my ability on this journey called life.


2 thoughts on “409: Reflections

  1. I’m sure that I’ve had plenty of people want to hurl their shoes at what I write also…especially the guy who called me a Communist. 🙂 I’ll happily go on reflecting on life every day and thinking. what I hope are deep thoughts. And I have another reflective post percolating… 🙂

    • Can’t please everybody, but pissing off a few is a piece of cake. That is why there are choices, and different ways of doing things. Not all cars are Model T’s anymore because we all want and need different things. Same thing with other stuff – your piece of cake is not mine (double-fudge chocolate, with almonds, and NO ICING). Thanks for sharing!!

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