421: Uncertain

An artist is supposed to be the authority on a work of art they create, insofar as to what it means, or reflects, or is supposed to represent. Artists are not necessarily the best authorities on their own work when it comes to value, or even if the piece is a good one. However, they are supposed to be the one who knows the meaning behind the piece – the inspiration.

Well. Sort of.

Sometimes, when one of us (read, ME) gets through with a piece, we are as flabbergasted with what we see as anyone else looking at it. Is that a reflection of being “in the moment” when the thing was under construction, or is it a reflection of absolute schizophrenia? Not too sure I want to inspect that too closely, either.

This piece is one of those.

Pan 010

I am not sure if it is guilt, or sorrow. Regret, sorrow even, surely, but guilt?  Where did that come from? What is going on here, and is it something I want to reflect upon, or do I just go with what I see….and let the analysis fall where it may?



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