422: Dance Band on the Titanic

download (6)Harry Chapin wrote this song, the title cut on the album of the same name. It is written from the viewpoint of one of the band members that famously played on as the ship sank. They kept up morale, and did what they could do, small though it was, during that dreadful tragedy at sea, when so very many lives were lost.

I keep getting that feeling lately, reading the news. Like I am playing the violin while the world burns. I am concerned with what is happening on the stage of the larger world, there just does not appear to be a great deal that I actually can do to ameliorate it. Or even influence it, even to the extent of keeping up morale. All I can do, apparently, is to live a moral and ethical life myself, which I am working at doing. I’m in the dance band, on the Titanic………


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