434: Care and Concern

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How dare you, parent, caregiver or teacher, claim to have care and concern for a child that you refuse to discipline? If you CARE about them, you discipline them so they can learn self-control, honor, and self-worth that is based on something besides empty promises.

EVERY human being wants things their own way. EVERY STINKING ONE. What makes the difference between growing bigger and actually growing up to be a mature adult, as opposed to the immature sort we see far too many of in this modern life since Dr. Spock became the child-rearing guru he proved himself NOT to be, is the difference between self-control and demanding to get my own way about everything. OF COURSE I want my own way. So does everybody else.

Not getting it, and learning to live with that, is being a grownup. If you care about a child, you have concern for them as a human being, you discipline them – and that includes disciplining your own selfish, greedy self, too. Not only is it bad news to tell a child yes too often, it is also bad news to tell yourself yes too often.

Suck it up. The truth is sometimes not pretty – but that does not make it any less the truth, just because you don’t like hearing it.


433: Add New Post


Life is a lot like blogging, as long as you are a reflective thinker. Things happen, you think about them, and you write about them on your blog, explaining them to yourself, sometimes. Most times. I do it like that, anyway, even if you don’t.

I include events, thoughts, actions, observations, jokes, ideas, occasions, hurts, insults, praises, and other routine and not-so-routine things that happen. They are laid bare for the world (OK, maybe not the WORLD) to see here, and to comment upon, should someone feel so moved. I think about things, and I process them here.

Sometimes, these ruminations upon the cosmos clarify what I think about the events in question, and sometimes the thought process just muddies the waters. Regardless, I feel as though I have made some progress in my own understanding of the world in general, and of me in specific, through utilization of this method. It is reason enough to continue, no?

432: Rape and Fantasy

Rape is an ugly reality –

not a titillating fantasy.

What you want when you fantasize about rape

is nothing like what actually happens.

Your fantasy man is always handsome and attractive

(made to your order and specifications)

and he might be a little rough in your imagination, BUT

he does not, could not, never would, CAN’T hurt you.

He simply does not accept your insincere and tentative “no,”

overwhelms you with his gorgeous, sexy self (so YOU

don’t have to actually take responsibility for the delicious sex),

and you get what you really wanted from him in the first place,

without any of the bad-girl guilt of enjoying yourself

as an adult in control of your life and choices.

That is the fantasy.

That is not anything like the reality.

If you are ever in a real rape,

your NO will be neither insincere or tentative

and unless you are very, very lucky indeed –

it won’t be heeded.

Partly, it won’t be heeded

because of the knowledge of the fantasy

and that you are (could be, might be) one of those

who really wants it anyway.


431: Picky, Picky, Picky

You anal-retentive, OCD, perfectionist, detail-oriented, picky SOB.

You dumped this job on ME.

You did not want to do it.

Now that it is done, according to your specifications,

you have determined that it is not up to your standards.

Instead of doing it yourself the way you have determined you would rather it had been done,

you have provided me with a new list

or improved and further-detailed specifications.

To redo.




You sign the paychecks.

Eight hours a day,

My time is yours.

My THOUGHTS about it, however,

are MINE.

430: Nope


Don’t tell me you care for me

when I can so clearly see that you don’t.

Don’t tell me I am important to you

when you make it so clear that I am not.

Make it clear to me

that what you DO matches what you SAY.

When that is clear, then

maybe, I can see my way clear

to thinking again about forever.

Until then, I am thinking about tomorrow

and what is clear to me now.


It is all in your hands.

429: Liberals and Lunch

Liberals have an agenda. They earnestly believe that they know best, and seek to impose that higher, nobler ideology on all of us lesser beings using every trick in the book: the courts, the culture, groundless, open attacks, their lapdog media sycophants, etc. What makes them dangerous, instead of just laughable (which they also are) is the big liberal dollars backing them up and their own earnest, sincere belief that they do know better than I do how to live my own life, and what I should be doing, saying, and thinking, as opposed to what I am doing, saying, and thinking.

Our revered leader (tarnished somewhat, but nevertheless inviolate enough that there is STILL no move on to impeach his useless ass) has a wife. This woman (according to most media resources, although some present a convincing case on Michelle/Michael being a trannie) has decided that America is obese, and she has used her husband’s executive orders to force schools to adopt an extremely restrictive school lunch program designed to get every public school child in America to lose a few. By law. Because, of course, she knows best.

Let’s just politely ignore the fact that Michelle “wide load,” all-about-dat-bass Obama is packing a rump that would make Sir Mix-A-Lot’s anaconda stand to attention, and agree that some American children are obese, but that under no circumstances whatsoever are all of them. And all of them get to suffer under Michelle’s new rules, not just those who could use an extra period of Phys. Ed.

Plus, in many parts of America – and more and more parts under her husband’s administration – the food a child gets at public school, government-subsidized lunch (now that the number of Welfare and food stamp families has skyrocketed) is sometimes pretty much all they get all day. What we see actual photos of what passes for a school lunch under Michelle’s reign leaves one to wonder if she is using the savings on purchasing food for schoolchildren to finance her family’s numerous personal vacations. Hey, the money has to come from SOMEwhere, and it is perfectly obvious they ain’t buying food with it for America’s kids.