432: Rape and Fantasy

Rape is an ugly reality –

not a titillating fantasy.

What you want when you fantasize about rape

is nothing like what actually happens.

Your fantasy man is always handsome and attractive

(made to your order and specifications)

and he might be a little rough in your imagination, BUT

he does not, could not, never would, CAN’T hurt you.

He simply does not accept your insincere and tentative “no,”

overwhelms you with his gorgeous, sexy self (so YOU

don’t have to actually take responsibility for the delicious sex),

and you get what you really wanted from him in the first place,

without any of the bad-girl guilt of enjoying yourself

as an adult in control of your life and choices.

That is the fantasy.

That is not anything like the reality.

If you are ever in a real rape,

your NO will be neither insincere or tentative

and unless you are very, very lucky indeed –

it won’t be heeded.

Partly, it won’t be heeded

because of the knowledge of the fantasy

and that you are (could be, might be) one of those

who really wants it anyway.



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