434: Care and Concern

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How dare you, parent, caregiver or teacher, claim to have care and concern for a child that you refuse to discipline? If you CARE about them, you discipline them so they can learn self-control, honor, and self-worth that is based on something besides empty promises.

EVERY human being wants things their own way. EVERY STINKING ONE. What makes the difference between growing bigger and actually growing up to be a mature adult, as opposed to the immature sort we see far too many of in this modern life since Dr. Spock became the child-rearing guru he proved himself NOT to be, is the difference between self-control and demanding to get my own way about everything. OF COURSE I want my own way. So does everybody else.

Not getting it, and learning to live with that, is being a grownup. If you care about a child, you have concern for them as a human being, you discipline them – and that includes disciplining your own selfish, greedy self, too. Not only is it bad news to tell a child yes too often, it is also bad news to tell yourself yes too often.

Suck it up. The truth is sometimes not pretty – but that does not make it any less the truth, just because you don’t like hearing it.


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