455: Reading Other Bloggers

If you have not yet discovered the pleasure of reading the blogs of other writers, please let me be an ambassador for WordPress’ reader feature.  In the upper menu line of the WordPress window is the reader tab. When you click on that tab, an amazing and fascinating world opens up for you, literally a whole WORLD of people, thoughts, ideas, funnies, sad and poignant, rich, diverse, exciting, beautiful……wow – and all for free.

You can search for blogs by topic, or just read. You can follow (another click in the upper menu bar) the blogs of writers you like, and you will always see their posts in  your WP reader.

One of the blogs I follow just posted a great one, written as if speaking directly to me: http://laurensaysitall.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/youve-had-to-much-to-think/

What a super message, and EXACTLY what I needed to hear (read). Have fun exploring WordPress Reader!!

454: Teacher Respect


I got into a Facebook discussion (fight) that started with someone’s insensitive comments about police officers being despicable, power-hungry racists (which a few of them are) and which MOST of them are emphatically not. My comment in support of police and the sacrifices they make trying to help ensure that the world is a better place caused a person to brag about her Master’s degree and her teaching job, all with execrable grammar.

This, people, is one of the reasons teachers are held in such low esteem. We are supposed to be educated, and we are supposed to write and speak (most of the time, anyway) as if we paid some attention in class. Particularly in English class, since that is the medium of instruction. You don’t want your child in class with a teacher who writes more poorly than your child, now, do you? When a self-proclaimed teacher can’t distinguish between homophones (to, too, and two),  and misuses articles (an crop), among other egregious errors, it embarrasses all teachers. And this person supposedly has a Master’s degree. Yeah, right. From which online college did you buy that worthless piece of paper, honey-child?

The more this person replied to my comments, the worse it got. Finally, as a teaching professional, I was just embarrassed on her behalf, and she seriously, honestly, never got a clue. Thank God I am fairly close to retirement, and do not have to school the new crop of educators, because honey-child, it isn’t pretty. I quote:

I never personal attacker her she is rude go back and read what she wrote as a teacher I am saddened by her … Like seriously .. I would be ashamed .. You can delete me if you like … But I refuse to be belittled by someone who does not even know me ..

The Grammar Nazi in me is freaking out (quietly) right now. Thank you, Jesus, that my children are graduated and no longer in school.


453: Yours and MINE

I respect that you are concerned with protecting your turf. What you fail to take into consideration is that “your turf” was MINE long, long, long years before you ever came into the picture. I stepped aside to make room for you, and now, you are protecting your turf – from ME.

You know what?

My mama raised me to be a woman, not a freaking lady, and I don’t give a good rat’s ass about manners when it comes to my family. YOU are a recent addition to my family, and there are loyalties that precede your arrival. I am trying to be respectful to you, but frankly, I don’t give a good rat’s ass what you think, and I don’t care a whole lot more about protecting your tender feelings.

You watch your rat’s ass, because I may just mow you down.

452: I Need a PLAN

Too much of life has passed me by, with me frantically trying to keep up. That sucks, and I am changing it.

I want to be ahead of the curve, not behind it. I want a PLAN, a goal, and a purpose. I want a vision. Who was it that said without a vision the people perish? Yeah. TELL me about it.

It is time to take command, and no prisoners, dammit.

451: Stressful Situations, Good and Bad

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Stress is a part of life. It happens with the bad things, sure, we all realize that – but did you ever stop to realize that stress also happens with the good things, too?

Think about it. When you go on a vacation, that is a darn good thing, proven in studies to be beneficial to you: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/07/business/yourmoney/07shortcuts.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

However, the process of taking a vacation – even the process of planning for a vacation – is stressful. You must choose where to go and what to do, and how much it all will cost. You must book travel, hotel, food, entertainment, etc. You must pack, and travel to get there. There will inevitably be glitches with this planning: a delayed flight, or something wrong with the hotel room, or a problem with the credit card, the restaurant, or the rental car….or SOMEthing you will have to deal with, even if that something is a family member (spouse, child, friend) who is traveling with you. The overall experience might be fabulous – a real stress reliever, but you will encounter some stress in the process of getting the good stuff taken care of.

What about a wedding? That is usually considered a good thing! However, on the list of top 10 most stressful life events, http://paindoctor.com/top-10-stressful-life-events-holmes-rahe-stress-scale/ getting married is number 7.

Getting a new job is usually a joyous occasion – but stress goes hand-in-hand with that, too. There may be a move involved, and even if you don’t have to move, you have to learn a new corporate culture, make new friends and adjust to a new environment and new demands/expectations. Stressful, even though it is a good thing.

What about the birth of a baby? What a blessing!! BUT – having a new baby is a huge (happy) event that causes a lot of stressful disruption to a couple and their family in the process of adjusting to the new baby, and the considerable financial costs associated with the pregnancy and birth, not to mention the costs of providing for a newborn’s needs.

Graduation from high school or college is a milestone ”good” event for someone – but it is also stressful. There are now a lot of plans to be made, and changes to accommodate now that this phase of life is achieved, and new choices must be made about the next phase. Filling out applications for college is stressful, and so is interviewing for jobs. Things to be done and choices to be made! Stress, even when it is all good stuff you are deciding about!

And all of these things that are stressful are GOOD things. I am sure you probably thought of others – the upcoming Christmas holiday season being a prime example. Good times – stressful good times.

This is one reason why ALL humans need to learn coping skills to help reduce stress that don’t involve self-destructive behaviors (such as resorting to alcohol, much as I’d like a stiff drink right about NOW). Everyone needs to be able to deal and reduce their stress levels…now that we all understand that stress is a very real part of the good stuff, as well as the bad stuff. So…..CHILL!!


450: Touch


Warm hands sliding over skittish skin, tingling

tickling, teasing. Massage

stroking, kneading, butter and oil glide.

Stroke me.

Touch me.

Make me moan, gasp, and shiver with delight.

Make my bones go liquid and my muscles go limp.

Take me to complete, total and utter relaxation.

Touch me…

….and then

it is my turn to touch you.

449: Replacement

I will replace you.

Not with permanence, or forever, or things that last.

I will replace you minute by minute, memory by memory.

You will drown under the new, the temporary, the scent of new.

I will replace what you were

with what is now.

I will remove you piece by tiny piece,

scrap by scrap,

inch by throbbing inch.

You will be no more and I


I will replace you.