446: Eye Candy


Darn it, there are some FINE looking men out there.

I like looking at the menu, even when I have no intention of placing an order. A taunt, well-muscled behind is a swivel-headed moment for me, especially when attached to a not-too-tall, tanned, dark-haired Adonis. And the sweep of wide shoulders tapering down to narrow hips is a definite plus, especially when he has that slightly bow-legged, cowboy swagger. Drool.

Some say that looking leads to wanting, and that is certainly true. However, I am old enough not to let my wants overpower my common sense, or my ethics. JUST SAY NO to a man who already has a lady. Women do not do that to other women. Girls (read children) do that to other women. Not happening on my watch.

Still. I do enjoy the scenery!


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