470: Ashes


Angry words, hurt feelings.

Phrases carefully calculated to wound

In trying to understand, to come to grips, to heal, to move on:

I wonder, did I betray you

or did you betray me?

I suppose the honest answer to that is

we did it to each other.

Neither of us was innocent,

much as we’d like to be.

I am sorry for the part I played

in the disaster, and I don’t want to keep sifting ashes,

looking for…….what?

Solace? Absolution? Memories? Forgiveness?

That, I am sure, I will have to award to myself,

after I first give it to you.

I forgive you.

Be happy.


7 thoughts on “470: Ashes

  1. Reblogged this on ComfyThoughts and commented:
    This kind of poetry leads us to comfy thoughts.

    • Thanks for sharing. I hope that forgiveness is the destination of all hurts, large and small.

      • Forgivness is what heals for me. But i have had to put my foot down. Its never easy. But its worth it.

        Thank you for sharing

      • Yeah, that command to forgive did not come with a whole lot of techniques or instructions for how to actually DO it.

      • You mean stress relief or firgiving.

        Id also like to point out i forgive but never forget.

      • I doubt it is possible to forget. What I do is remind myself that hurt is forgiven and I am not going to dwell on it any more. I am slapping a closed/finished sign on it. Usually takes multiple reminders, and some issues I may never stop reminding myself that it is over, dammit. A conscious decision takes time to become a habit.

      • Forgiving*

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