476: MAKE Me


You make me.

You make me improve. I want to be better when I am with you. I want to be worthy of you, and I want you to enjoy being with the person that I am too.

You make me live. I like doing things because you enjoy them, too – I get up and get moving because I know someone else (important to me) is up and moving, too – let’s start the day!

You make me think. About lots of things – things that are silly, things that are inspirational, things that are depressing, things that I might not take the time to consider, if not for the fact that you said something, or did something, that made me pause, and think. I like it!

You make me laugh. When you confess quirky things you did, or express your interesting takes on life, love, and the world in general. I delight in you and the ways that you are human. Laughter is a good way to live life.

You make me respect. I respect the person I see that lives inside of you – the respect you have for others inspires me to offer to others often undeserved respect because they are human, too. You make me respect the me I can see reflected from you.

You make me appreciate myself. All the ways that I am: the things I enjoy, the things I will not do for all the right reasons, the ways I am strong, and the ways I look to your strength instead of depending on my own. I stand taller because of you.

You make me joyful. Sharing all sorts of things with you is a delight for the senses and the spirit. You are never boring, even when there is nothing special happening – it is still special. That is amazingly joyful!

You make me hope. What I thought I would never find, could never have, would never experience. You make it all seem not only possible, but incredibly enough, actually within reach. I hope.

You make me dream of all that could be. Of all that will be between us. Of all that life can offer us both.

Now, we get to see if I can make you, too.


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