479: Gimme, dammit

скачанные файлы

I want some.

I want some care, concern, and affection from a significant other – and a significant other would be nice while you are at it. I want it NOW, today, right this very minute. (stomps foot and pouts)

I have spent years – YEARS, I tell you – being primarily concerned with the well-being of others: students, friends, coworkers, husbands, children, the dadgum PETS, and even the freaking houseplants. I am pathetic. And responsible. And mostly an adult, which is sucking the life right out of me (some days I’m whiney, too).

I wish I could get away with rolling about on the floor, drumming my heels and screaming, but at the advanced age of 5(mumble, mumble), I would look ridiculous, and would certainly throw out my back, as well. WHY is piching a hissey fit something allowable only to toddlers, who don’t have NEARLY the justification for pitching a fit as us mature adults do? Ye gods.

When is it MY TURN?


5 thoughts on “479: Gimme, dammit

  1. This is Chinese New Year and the beginning of a whole new cycle. In this year of the goat we can be hardheaded OR maybe we can learn to treat ourselves ourselves as we want other to treat us.

  2. Have you given yourself some love. I’ve always had this issue where I feel unloved, then my wife asks me if I care to tell myself I’m a lovable and good person.

    Just wondering.

    Honestly, give that a go. Do the tantrum thin. If you really feel like thats what you need it will probably make you feel better. A good cry is always refreshing once completed.

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