502: Stubbornness

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no, you will not run me off.

no, you will not make me quit.

no, you will not make me withdraw from the fight, surrender the day, fly the white flag of defeat.

i have reserves you have only begun to measure.

bring it.

502A: I Refuse


Just because

what we had (and it was good, too)

blew up

over your choices

I will not

hate you.

I refuse.

I won’t blame you ¬†or me.

I am taking my lessons

and moving on

to bigger and better things.

I refuse to give up.


Just because

there are billions (fish in the sea)

of people on this planet

I will, I have, I did

find more.

Praise God, there is more.

And I am taking it.


500: Loyalty


I belonged to someone else.

There is a small space for them even now.

I belong to you now.

That space that is theirs still remains.

That place helped make me the one who is yours.

Don’t fear that space.

Don’t be jealous of that which was, and remains.

I visit it from time to time

to remind myself why

now and forever more

I’m yours.

499: Inevitable

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You are the man.

The drive, the force, the strength.

I am the woman.

The receptacle, the pliable, the resilient.

You are mine

in the way that I am yours.

We blend


What I am complements what you are.

What you need, I seek to supply.

What I need, you supply.

We feed each other

in a daily dance of respect and honor.

You lead me to the great I Am.

I lead you to the well.

We share, each other.

We share, worship.

We share, sacrament.

We share.

498: PD


Personal development.

I am willing to allow someone new into my future.

Huge step.

What is far, far more

is being willing to allow this someone into my past, too.

My future is a clean slate,

waiting to be written on.

My past is a failing essay,

covered with erasures, cross-outs, errors, red ink corrections

and filled with illogical mistakes and shameful language.

To let him into my future was scary but I did it,

because I have hope in spite of my fear.

To let him into my past

took all the courage I have.

And it means being more naked

than I have ever, ever been.