498: PD


Personal development.

I am willing to allow someone new into my future.

Huge step.

What is far, far more

is being willing to allow this someone into my past, too.

My future is a clean slate,

waiting to be written on.

My past is a failing essay,

covered with erasures, cross-outs, errors, red ink corrections

and filled with illogical mistakes and shameful language.

To let him into my future was scary but I did it,

because I have hope in spite of my fear.

To let him into my past

took all the courage I have.

And it means being more naked

than I have ever, ever been.


2 thoughts on “498: PD

  1. For me going back to my past feels worse than being naked, it leaves me feeling stripped of courage and drains my energy. I am at a point where I think forgetting the past all together is better, only remember the lessons learnt.

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