517: Want Me?


I have lived long enough to learn my value and worth.

If you don’t want me, good enough.

I’ve never been so needy to try and keep something not interested in having me around.

I’m darn sure not starting that crap now.



10 thoughts on “517: Want Me?

  1. And blessed is the human who has self-worth but not arrogance..

  2. You look beautiful and I love this post.

  3. Love the words… What’s the motivation? Self proclamation? Self assurance? Or just random statements of well being?

    • Crappy job. It is difficult to make me feel inadequate – and there guys are giving it a good run. I will finish this contract, and go elsewhere. even if it is the highest paying position of my career thus far. There is more than money at stake.

      • What a resonating statement. Good luck to you and the challenges of finding the best position for you and yours. I can tell from your other posts that you are more than deserving.

      • Thanks. Money was never, before this position, my driving motivation. I have been taught here that my former focus was the correct one. Searching for a new job! 🙂

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