521: Greenland, Please

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I am slowly, S-L-O-W-L-Y, coloring in the world on my WordPress stats page, which is really, really exciting. I know, I know, I live a sheltered life.

Nonetheless, it is fascinating and wonderful, this blogging world, and I appreciate every single person who actually reads something I wrote. I hope it was enlightening, entertaining, or funny or….something. But, please, will SOMEBODY in Greenland read one of my blog posts? PLEASE? Greenland is a very large slice of real estate that remains uncolored on my WordPress map- nobody from Greenland has yet read a post of mine. Would someone from Greenland please read one, so that that tempting piece of the map will turn yellow for me?

THANK you.

I only need one………:-)



4 thoughts on “521: Greenland, Please

  1. I have a few from Greenland but in all my time blogging, that only works out to less than one view for every seventeen thousand total views. So… good luck 😉

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