522: Another Day


Desire comes in waves, in cycles like the moon whose child I am. Today I am drowning in it, slowly swimming languidly for the surface, in no hurry to depart these hypnotically liquid, silky, warming waters. You are over five thousand miles from me, and I can still feel your tickling fingers trace my skin from ankle to ear, pausing to explore the planes, hills and valleys they encounter on the journey. I hear your voice, warmly breathing hot, satin things just for me to hear, and I melt at the hearing as your gentle fingers trace the shell of my ear, and your lips tease the sensitive lobe. I feel you trail nibbles down my shivering neck to my collarbone, along my arm to the bend of my elbow.  And beyond; tasting me, savoring me, hearing me gasp and moan your name. Taking your sweet, tortuous time.

I am alight. Incandescent. And you….are an ocean, a continent away. And right here beside me. Within me. Laughing with me as you watch me burn for you.

How can I wait for you? Because you are worth waiting for.


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