Oh, snap

Oh, no you didn’t.

Oh, yes you did.

You tore me a new one with your public lecture on love and tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

Let me ask you something…..

was I a safer target because I am not the one paying your monthly bills for you, so you felt entitled?

At least you remembered the first rule of leeches – don’t bite the hand that feeds you

(even though that hand paying your bills for you holds the same views you blasted me for).

Let me ask you something else, Miss Jayna, second iteration……

How’s your grandfather Ken? How’s the decades-old friend Tonya?

Or any of the other half-dozen or so people that I personally know you have cut cold out of your life, not to mention the ones I don’t know about?

How’s that crown of love and tolerance, understanding and acceptance sitting on your self-righteous little head?

You have a lot to learn, Miss Judgmental.

And I, for one, am giving you the room to learn it.

I apologize that I asked anything of you, and profoundly regret doing so.

It will not happen again.



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