544: Take Care

Please be careful.

Be safe.

You carry my heart with you, you know – it isn’t just you anymore.

It matters to someone else that you come home, that you are OK.

Someone else is thinking about you now.

Missing you.

Be safe.

Be careful.



543: Tomorrow

If you get tomorrow, you can try again.

You can eat healthy, you can exercise.

You can organize and file those papers.

You can wash the windows and baseboards.

You can write thank-you notes, and mail them.

You can put those photos into the albums you bought for them.

You can finish that project you started.

I can do those things.

If I get tomorrow.

542: Mother



does not stop.

There isn’t a day off. No vacation. No holidays.

Even when you are wrong, it does not stop.

No respite. No time outs for you.

You pick up the pieces of your shattered confidence, and you make dinner.

You say you are sorry, you cry about it in your pillow, and you go on.

At the end of strength and endurance, you go on.

Your choices have already been made.

You go on.

Even when you are wrong.

Especially when you are wrong.


And you will be wrong.

That you will get, even if you don’t get a break.

Go on.

You can’t stay here.

They are waiting.

541: Married


It feels very new.

Shiny. Unblemished. Stain-free. Clean.

Like a new pair of running shoes – a little stiff and awkward still.

Bright with the promise of new, uncharted miles to be run.

Possibilities. Unlimited horizons. Opportunities.

No hint yet of fatigue, or of sweat. Tears. Pain.

I know those things are there, too, waiting to be discovered. Experienced.


That is what marriage is, what marriage means.

Good, bad, easy and hard, exciting, sad.

I am here for you.

Welcome home.