574: Those Who Are Important


There are those people who are important

to me, and those who are important to you.

I trust your judgment even when

I do not trust those who are important to you.

In this, this important life that lives between us, I am not central and

you are not central. The life that lives between us, and binds us heart-to-heart,

is central.

Because of you, I choose to respect those who are important to you,

to honor the life between us.

To honor you.


2 thoughts on “574: Those Who Are Important

  1. Do you remember when Paul and I finally quit fighting like cats and dogs and actually stated bonding as brother and sister?.. It was when we had a common enemy to band together against, the “ugly, evil” step-children. You are now the equivalent of one of Mojo’s kids to us. You’re family and there’s nothing we can do about it, except accept it and move on with our lives in a way that avoids contact, when at all possible.
    I will not be reading your letter. But thank you for deciding to act like an adult and mail it to me directly instead of choosing to play this passive aggressive game of go-between that leaves Ellen hopelessly in the middle of a situation that causes her horrible pain. I wish, for her sake, that things were different.

    • Things can be different, if and when you choose to also act as an adult. The separation between us is you. It always has been. Ellen herself suggested that I send the letter to you, when I asked her for feedback. But, of course as usual, you know better than anyone else – regardless of topic.

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