599: Criticism and Karma

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You know, I got a lot of chiding when your candidate was ruling the free world, and my posts and comments expressed my personal dissatisfaction with his methods and morals. I recall being labeled “petty,” and “vindictive,” and “patently and obviously unfair and biased.”

The shoe is on the other foot, now. What are you posting, that you derided me for posting? And what have I NOT had to say to you about it?

I’m going to just leave this here, for those who are able to think, and those who understand the definition of irony, and those who might comprehend when someone else has taken the higher road.

And that won’t be very many peeps, now, will it?



2 thoughts on “599: Criticism and Karma

  1. I understand exactly what you are saying here. Although I don’t sit on either side of the fence I have picked up on the high levels of hypocrisy and irony in the air… it does indeed seem to be an era of glass house dwellers throwing a lot of stones.

    People seem to be blind to the mirror image they face. When you slander and shout, are you not becoming what you are seemingly opposed to in the first place?

    I hope someday we can all learn to respect each other and give space for different viewpoints and dialogue without reacting before listening or even thinking.

    • You are so correct. Trump was never my candidate – he just isn’t THEIR candidate, either. Not being passionately in Trump’s corner does give me a little philosophical distance from the shouting that is currently going on. I am a fiscal conservative, and a moderate social liberal (within reason). I have always voted the issues, not the party, even though I am a registered Republican since I have to choose and I want to be able to vote in the primaries, where affiliation does, unfortunately, matter. Still, I have not been entirely pleased with any President (or any other politician, for that matter) in living memory. Everybody screws up sometime, and no Federal-level decision makes everyone happy – EVER.

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