458: Trucking On

I am a prisoner in this truck. I am not even a CDL (commercial driver license) driver, I am merely a passenger. I was trying to visit my husband, who IS a newly-certified, licensed, tested and inspected CDL driver. When his company-owned truck developed problems and he was stuck waiting for repairs over Christmas, I cashed in a previously-purchased American Airlines flight ticket I would otherwise have lost had I not used it for this purpose, and flew out to Omaha, Nebraska to see him, after I spent a couple of days visiting the rest of my family in Georgia.

I expected to ride with him on his drives for about a week, since he was supposed to be routed on deliveries to Atlanta to pick me up, and to drop me off, for this jaunt. That was December 28. This is January 7, and the next run is to some freaking place in MICHIGAN. That has absolutely nothing in common with ATLANTA, GEORGIA. The next delivery after that is scheduled for Missouri, which is also further north and west of where we are now, in West Virginia. Wrong direction, dispatch!

I got desperate enough to check the tickets to Atlanta on Greyhound buses, for Pete’s sake. The bus costs nearly as much as it would cost to freaking FLY. Bus tickets were supposed to be cheap enough for people who do not have enough money to buy airline tickets to buy them instead. At least, they USED to be cheaper! Buses are certainly less comfortable than the airplane, and there is no snack served, either, so the bus ticket should be considerably less expensive than flying. Not so!

Ah, well, as I write on the truck stop provided Internet while serving the mandatory 10 hour refresh down time to be able to drive again, I have discovered that my brother’s expected children have been born January 6th – twins: one girl and one boy. Graydon James and Elise Drew – making me a new auntie twice over. In addition, while visiting my family, my daughter announced that she and her husband are now expecting their first – making me a grandma-to-be later this year. It is quite clear that life does go on – even if I am stuck in a truck!


291: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em……

There has been quite a bit of fuss in the news about abuses by the TSA who are physically inspecting passengers far more rigorously than common sense would dictate. A grandmother (quite elderly, not one of these fifty-somethings) and a three-year-old-toddler in a wheelchair come to mind. Well – if you can’t beat them, join them.

Currently, a woman dressed in a burka (a full-length concealing robe that hides the entire body except for a slit that is meshed for the eyes) is allowed to be searched only on her head and neck. Not her body cavities, like normal people.  Idea for a new-multi-million-dollar business: make burkas and sell them to women planning a flight.

Nothing says you have to be Muslim – religion is not listed ANYWHERE on your passport. So – buy and wear a burka if you are flying, and prevent legal rape by your own government. My mama didn’t raise no fool.