607: Independence and Subsidies



It used to be that Americans were independent and took care of their own.

Why is it now the responsibility of other citizens/taxpayers if I fail to adequately plan, provide for, and save for my own retirement (what used to be called my ‘declining years’)? When did that personal failure become a subsidized ‘right’?

Was it when the US government established the Social Security program in an effort to ameliorate the fallout from those grasshoppers who foolishly played and spent their lives away, while the ants prudently saved and stockpiled against an uncertain future?

Now that social security is firmly entrenched (even if the last generations of lawmakers have plundered the fund to help offset their own grasshopper profligate spending) Americans save even less than they ever did – and our performance as a nation never was too good on that score in the first place.


Yeah, I’d LOVE to have spent my productive years engaged in pursuing my own interests (financially supporting or not) instead of reporting to work – but having proved myself stupid enough to be willing to work, I don’t qualify for any benefits for sitting on my fat behind.

The idea is that people work to support themselves. Each one responsible for him/herself – unless you have turned over your financial future to someone else who agrees to be responsible for both themselves AND you (this is what many women believe marriage is for – absolving them from all responsibility). If you put your care into the hands of another person and they fail to make adequate provisions for themselves and for you in the event something happens to them, well, they failed you.

My first husband did that – he let more than a half million life insurance policy lapse a few months before he unexpectedly died. Thank God I was already a working wife, and didn’t have all my eggs in his little basket, so I had something else to fall back on besides Uncle Sam. Plus, in the past, families cared for each other. When a family member became disabled or elderly and needed care, they were cared for within the family unit – not handed off for the government (really, other citizens/taxpayers) to care for.

It isn’t the fault of the citizens that you failed to provide for yourself – it isn’t even the fault of the citizens that you are disabled, and need assistance. Neither is it their fault if accident or illness befalls you that you didn’t plan for. Yup – it’s a tough break when that happens. Thankfully, assistance is available for those who are unable (legitimately unable, not having simply purchased their disability from an unethical physician) to provide for themselves, but it still isn’t the fault of others that they are disabled, such that others are then required to pay their way.

THAT is what used to be called charity, before charity became a dirty word, and it used to be the province of faith-based people who took up the slack and provided that assistance locally. They knew their neighbors, and they knew who really needed the help, and who needed the harsh life lessons earned by making very poor decisions.

You know, like the grasshopper.


578:Random sh…..stuff.


The government has married many, many women. These women marry the government when they choose to stay at home and have children to support themselves on the government dole. Many actually refuse to marry their children’s father(s), and raise those children in a nuclear family, because they are unwilling to give up the free government money. When they can obtain benefits that are sometimes more than they can earn working a no-skills job at minimum wage (all many are remotely qualified for, if that), where is any incentive to work? There isn’t any.

Our government is enabling addictive behaviors among many, dis-encouraging them to get jobs and support themselves. The trouble is, cutting them off also disenfranchises the innocent children they have spawned to earn their living upon. How do you provide benefits to children while not encouraging their deadbeat parent to spawn more children to get an even bigger government handout support check?

Is it just me, or does anyone else absolutely despair at the fact that either Clinton or Trump will win this upcoming election? They are both awful candidates – how did we sink this low, that these two are our choices? Boggles the mind, for those who have one – which means not many Americans, evidently.

IS anyone actually campaigning to do away with police? Seriously? That isn’t a country I want to live in. Yes, I understand that not every single police officer is ethical. Guess what? Neither is every single practitioner of any other profession: medical doctors, politicians (duh), lawyers, judges, presidents, preachers/priests, scientists/researchers, sports athletes, you name it. We are routinely and frequently advised by the news (if you can trust journalists (:-() that people of all professions fall short of the glory of God, or even of basic honesty. Still – I think we are far, far better off WITH a police force than without one.

Learning to live with another human being is hard work.

I have discovered that getting thin takes hard work and dedication that I do not possess on a continuing, daily basis – and THAT is why I continue to be fat, despite intermittant and dedicated short-term willpower. One slip undoes DAYS of good behavior – sometimes weeks. ūüė¶

Whether someone is gay (which lifestyle I personally disagree with) or chooses to abort their offspring (which choice I disagree with) ultimately does not affect me in any way whatsoever. What those persons do affects them and their lives – and you know what? People have the choice to throw away their lives in various ways, including suicide (which I also disagree with) and their decisions are their own. Their decisions are between themselves and their God (or lack thereof) and YES, they may be ill or mentally unfit when they make those decisions. It isn’t always apparent that they are unfit when they choose to do themselves harm with drugs, food, alcohol, gambling, sex, or any number of other life-destroying choices. YES, we should do what we CAN do to encourage people to do better things and make better choices. NO, it isn’t my fault when they make those choices anyway, when there are programs and options they can take, and don’t. For the love of God, I have enough to do trying to live my own life in an ethical and caring manner. Enough, already.

I dislike out present cradle-to-grave government. I do not believe this is what government was supposed to be doing. I want OUT. Repudiating my American citizenship is an option, but I also don’t know another country to go to and at present there is no such thing as “citizen of the world.”

Our government pushed native American Indians onto the worst land possible as their “reservations.” Now that they are discovering those lands have resources and are not as barren as was originally thought, Americans should PAY them for the use of those resources. Plus, we need to GO AROUND their reservation lands when we have some project for the nation, like the pipeline. We stuffed them onto those lands – now, BACK OFF. Respect what we made them accept in the first place!

A teacher has a huge influence on their students. But nobody can save every kid. It has to be a two-way street. I can choose to reject every overture you make. I can refuse to learn, and some students do choose exactly that. Maybe later they will gain some interest and motivation. Maybe another teacher will try again and reach them next year. Maybe school isn’t for everybody – imagine that. Not everything is a teacher’s fault, like not every cop or politician is a bad one. Heck, there are even a few competent and ethical used car salesmen out there.

Enough, already.

127: Pictures of Morocco

My mom, back in the United States, is a member of several groups: a knitting group, a weaving group, a retired schoolteacher’s group, etc., etc., etc. For one of these groups, she has been asked to make a presentation about…MOROCCO! She’s never been to Morocco.

She was asked because her daughter (that would be me) lives and works in Morocco. That means my mom has been mining my photos about Morocco, mostly from Facebook, where I have nearly two thousand of them. However, of course, these two thousand pictures are not enough. Lately, I have been searching for several specific ones to add.

Some of the ones I¬†am looking for? One of the meat market. For many Americans newly arrived in Morocco, visiting the meat market for the first time converts them to total vegetarians for the duration of their stay. You must understand American meat purchasing. We go to a hygienic, temperature¬†controlled grocery store where very little is out-of-place, much less dirty. We go to a clean and refrigerated¬†meat counter, and select the cuts of beef, pork, chicken, whatever, from the hygienically¬†plastic-wrapped, neat and clean packages displayed there. No blood – no guts, and absolutely no resemblance to the creature that used to walk around and moo, or bleat, or cluck. There was an airhead¬†in California (of course) who wrote to her newspaper (and the editor actually published it, clearly being a person with a sense of humor) chastising people (hunters)¬†who kill animals for food. She self-righteously admonished the bloody killers that they should go to the supermarket and get their meat, where “no animals were harmed.” I SNIT you not.

I was raised in the country, so I know that meat is not made for those little packages from Soylent Green. Every year at the state fair in Georgia, my home state in the US (and a mostly rural state), there is a huge display with live cows being milked: because the city people REALLY don’t know that the milk they buy does not originate in those little cartons.

So you can imagine the shock of Americans who come face-to-face with a strung up, whole, rank of

The photo looks cleaner than it was…..really.

multiple carcasses: sheep, goal, cow, some with the heads still on (hard to tell a sheep from a goat without it) displaying their male gonads prominently. Male animals are preferred for the table in Morocco for cultural reasons, because I know for a fact that they don’t taste as good as the females: testosterone ruins more than just behavior. Could make you sit down and have to put your head between your knees. Especially if the weather in August is warm (it IS). Something about the smell…….is really good at making vegetarians.

Then, I needed to get a photo of the souk, especially the livestock sales. It actually also shocks Americans to see a full-grown horse loaded into a¬†compact pickup truck. His head overhangs the cab, and his rump sticks out the back – and off we go!! Plus, you can purchase your chicken for Sunday dinner live – or, as we put it: “on the hoof.” Once you have chosen your victim, the processor there will ritually slaughter it for you, let it bleed out, then pluck it with a neat, homemade machine they cobble together from pieces of rubber tires and an old air conditioner fan, and gut it for you while you shop elsewhere, or while you watch (as if). Then, you collect your chicken; still warm, but guaranteed fresh, at least. This causes some Americans problems. We are not used to looking our dinner in the eyes, while it is still walking around.

Usually, the produce section is fairly safe. There are mounds and mounds of all sorts of fresh produce piled up for you to choose from, from an unending number of individual vendors. When I know in advance that the newly arrived American is squeamish – and I have learned to ASK – we generally just stay there, where it is safer.

I already go the extra pictures of the wedding attire, and the wedding throne. I also got pictures of the hand-made rug shop, too!