627: YES

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Marking time isn’t a decent way to use up your life.

I have this theory about why time seems to speed up so much as people age. Remember when you were very young, how every day – even every hour – held magical new things to discover and wonder over, to enjoy and create? Where did that go? The next hour, the next experience, held magic! Where did the magic go?

As you get older, it isn’t every hour, or even sometimes, every day. You start living for the weekends, instead of for the next day, or the next moment. Instead of anticipating your life 365 days a year – you are down to 52 weekends. See how time is speeding up? The other days are ordinary, nothing special, not memorable.

As your responsibilities accrue, pretty soon even the weekends are “normal” and you begin to anticipate only the special events, and momentous holidays, and THOSE are often months apart, not just days or weeks. Now you look forward to, and mark time by, only six or seven events a year.


No. I am not living life this way. I want my moments back, my fabulous, everyday days. I want to tell my life YES, and live it consciously, daily, minute-by-minute. I am slowing down the insane merry-go-round, and stepping off into greener pastures. YES.



519: Ode to Patience….sort of


Patience is a virtue.

I am not virtuous.

I learned years ago (decades, even) never, ever, never to pray for patience.

God gives you patience…..in giving you opportunities to practice it. You learn it because you have to learn it, or go mad.

When I want something, I am not much interested in waiting patiently for it.

I want it NOW, dammit.


Life is short, you know? Why wait on something you want?

What I have learned (at great cost) is that sometimes, often, waiting for what you want makes it infinitely sweeter than getting it right away. It makes you think about it, consider it, appreciate it more, anticipate it, savor it, revel in it, immerse in it. It allows the desire to swell, grow, ripen to full flower. Waiting for the object of your desire makes it so much better.

Still does not mean I like it.