622: Time for bed

Today is not my day.

First, when I got to the gym, my key scanner would not unlock the door. This is not cool. Another patron let me in, since I obviously was a member – how else did I get a key scanner? So I did my workout, and waited for the office to open, when the lady told me that I wasn’t actually a member, and that’s why they cancelled my key scanner thingy. Two days ago.  WHAT???!?!?!?!?

*sigh* So, I signed up again. I don’t remember cancelling  the membership, and I thought I was being monthly deducted for the last three years’ worth of membership, but apparently…..not.

Then, off to the dollar store to return a carton of juice that had a pinhole leak, and had spoiled before I opened it, and a hand soap dispenser that would not pump the soap. Exchange made, no problem. Made the trip home safely.

I am a person who makes as many trips back and forth from the car to the house as it takes – unlike my hubs, who HAS TO GET IT ALL INSIDE THE HOUSE IN ONE TRIP. This time, I drop a bag on the way in – and break the soap dispenser I just got replaced for a working one (verified working in the store). *sigh*

Then, I drop another bag, and break the size large bottle of scented oil just inside the door way, which now smells just lovely, thank you. *sigh* And I spilled my coffee on the way to the kitchen counter. *sigh*


I think I am calling this day a wash, and going back to bed. Tomorrow is another day, Miz Scarlett…..



573: Unacceptable Risk


In America these days, there is no acceptable risk for something someone does not find useful to themselves.

We all get in our modes of transportation on a nearly daily basis, and willingly take the (rather significant) risk that our routine daily trip will not, this time, come to a horrible, bloody end. It does happen that way for many people the world over. We take that risk with nary a qualm.

We take other risks with insouciance, too.

Have you actually read the warning labels that come attached to most small appliances these days? Seriously? I think we should just improve the gene pool and leave these labels off, thanks very much. WHO showers while using their toaster? Or tries to dry their hair while still in the shower? The awful part is that SOME one obviously did it, or there would not be a warning label for the rest of us…who don’t actually need one, thanks.

I remember the prenatal class I took during my first pregnancy. They were very careful to warn us moms-to-be not to have sex (immediately after delivery) while we were still in the hospital.  I’m not too sure about the other moms, but that was a totally unnecessary warning for me – any man who got anywhere near me immediately after delivery had better have had a shot of morphine, not sperm. It wasn’t actually an experience I was looking forward to beginning all over again at that point, believe me. It took me nearly three YEARS to forget about how much better it felt going in than coming out. Once again, this warning prompts the question: WHO did such a thing, and was she conscious at the time? And as for risk, pregnancy and childbirth are still (even in this modern age) statistically pretty high risk endeavors, and still women do it all the time.

Risk. Actually, I take lots of risks when I get out of bed in the morning. Your home is full of mortal dangers: the electrical circuits, the bathtub, ceiling fans, the stuff crammed on the top shelf of the closet, the pets that weave in and out between your feet, assorted cleaning chemicals which can’t be combined (that bleach  and ammonia thing gets a few people every  year), food left on the counter, or saved a few days too long in the fridge….you  just don’t know all the stuff that can kill you once you take the risk and get out of bed.

Let’s just understand that risk is part of living. The only way to eliminate risk is to die – and then you have to hope that the funeral home dude isn’t a necrophiliac. You just don’t know – and at least, at that point, you just would not know (or care much, either).

Let’s get on with the business of living – and be mostly careful, without being nuts about it.

331: Furry lovers

I have cats who share my life. I am not sure who is the owner and who is the pet in these circumstances, but I am the one scheduling doctor visits and buying the kibble and litter, not to mention scooping the box, so in MY opinion at least, I qualify as…caretaker, at least, if not actually the OWNER.

Last night, as I left my room’s door open to catch the evening breeze (the fact that one fur child was already cozily bedded down on the cushy rug was definitely, definitely NOT a factor), I was fairly certain that I would be visited inside my mosquito netting by one or more babies who, being far more nocturnal than yours truly, would visit therein in hopes of getting some mommy loving. Sure enough, Fez came by, settled on my chest and tummy, began making gentle bread on my cushy abdomen, and settled down for lazy stroking from me. She signaled her approval by occasionally licking my leg with her sandpaper-rough tongue. When she



had enough pets to satisfy her, she ambled off the bed and went to find a cooler spot to spend the night. She likes sleeping on mommy only in the chilly winter – which does not exist at sea-level Panama.

Later, Fluff-man came by, settled in a warm, furry ball beside my ear on the pillow, and began rumbling deep in his chest, vibrating my ear drums with his hypnotizing purr. He then reached over with both front feet, and made bread on my shoulder, more forcefully than Fez does, being a man-kitty-type person. Any parent will tell you that it is very nice when your children spontaneously come and love on you, and kitty parents are no exception. It’s nice, even when it is the middle of the night.

Now if only my human children would send a message…….

146: Hot Woman Between the Sheets

I hate hormones. I have reached the advanced age of …mumble, mumble, mumble…and I am progressing gradually (VERY gradually) towards the stage of life where I will not be bothered with hormones again: menopause. Menopause is a life goal to be achieved, just like other significant life goals, like puberty, obtaining the driver’s license, graduation, marriage, childbirth, empty nest, etc.  Menopause, however, is a goal because getting THROUGH menopause to the beckoning, cool, green pastures on the other side is a real accomplishment. The one problem with this transition, that I can tell at least, is the hot flashes.

As women (of a certain age) grow older, their hormones gradually wind down. This is menopause, because those pesky hormones are what cause it: or rather, the lack of them. One thing that hormones influence is the body’s thermostat. A thermostat is what controls the temperature of the climate in the room.  If it is set too low, you are cold. If it is set too high, you roast. When the hormones slack off, the body does not know how to handle this lack, since it has been accustomed to a regular dose of hormones for YEARS, and now not having them plays havoc with the thermostat, until the hormones are totally GONE, and then everything stabilizes. That’s why I say that getting through the process is such an achievement: you have to live through the hot flashes.

A hot flash is when, for unexplainable reasons (hormones!) your internal thermostat goes from normal to not just roast, but all the way to INCINERATE. You break a sweat. For no reason – you can be sitting down, at rest, and suddenly you are sweating like you just completed the Boston Marathon, in full ski gear, with an extra sweater piled on top. This is mildly annoying (!!!!!).

What makes it even worse is at night. You are peacefully sleeping, snuggled comfortably under the bed covers, and with no warning at all, you are wide awake, drenched in sweat, and kicking the smothering, overheated covers OFF, trying to cool off the volcano that has erupted inside. This is not good, especially if you have a sleeping partner – or…..a formerly sleeping partner…….. who now is wide awake, too, and cold because YOU have just kicked the covers off the bed, and off of them, too. This process is repeated SEVERAL times each night!!!  My poor husband. He has been a paragon of patience and understanding, because he knows I cannot help it, and he also knows that one day (in the hopefully not-too-far-distant future), all this hormone crap will be over, and we can once again sleep peacefully together in our bed.

In the meantime, at least he can claim I am a hot woman between the sheets. heeheehee

5 Sleeping buddies

I am a cat mom. I have four fur children. Three girls and a boy. Whenever I get ready to catch a nap on a lazy weekend, I have at least one sleeping buddy (not including my husband). Fez, my champagne-colored little girl, really prefers to nap settled on my chest and belly, where she can recieve lazy strokes down her back, purring all the time. Sugar Daddy, our sweet man kitty person, likes to settle down beside you, with his back up against your warmth. Medina, the calico athelete of the family, has one spot on the bed she prefers. This spot happens to be at the end of the bed, between my feet. Souk, when she deigns to accompany us in a nap, does not want to be too close – she will settle on whatever part of the bed is furtherest from me and any other sleeping buddies. That means that if my husband wants to nap, too, there is precious little room on the bed left for him, usually, unless I come to join him in a nap, in which case there is precious little room left on the bed for ME.

It does not do any good choosing to nap on the sofa, either, because you will soon find yourself festooned with sleeping buddies there, too. Even chooing to nap on the thick and cushy rug on the living room floor is not safe. Where ever you choose to settle down and relax, before long a purring kitty person will come and join you for your naptime. I think this might have something to do with the fact that cats genetically sleep far more hours than people do in the first place, so they are always ready for a nap when you are.

If is kind of nice to have a nice warm fur person cuddled up with you for a nap. Think I could use a nap right about now. Wonder who will join me this time?