612: Division of the House

American political parties stand-off

The conflict in the US over policy goes far, far beyond Democrat or Republican. In all actuality, those two surface divisions are far more alike than they are different. No, it goes far deeper and far more fundamental than political party affiliation.

Where we fundamentally agree is on “what’s best for America and her citizens.” Where we fundamentally disagree is on what exactly that “best” consists of.

To me, it boils down to two camps which are not necessarily identified by party affiliation, and this describes the two and the primary difference between them.

The difference, as I see it, is between those who  want people to stand on their own two feet, to be responsible and mature, and to provide for themselves and the progeny they produce: in effect, a limited government. This refers to the vast majority of able-bodied citizens, not those honestly and deservedly unable to care for themselves through advanced or young age, physical or in limited cases, mental defect. I get it, some people need AND DESERVE help. Unfortunately, there are far too many getting help currently who do not deserve help – they are where they are because of choices they themselves have made, and this camp believes that bad choices should have consequences.

The other camp believes that people actually born and breathing deserve all their needs, nay even their wants and desires (apparently irregardless of practicality or worth) met by a government that cares and provides for them from cradle to grave, in every aspect of life, economy, personal responsibility, decision making and bad choices totally irrelevant. Cost apparently irrelevant as well.

That appears to be where the division of the house occurs. I guess you can tell on which side of that fence I pitch my tent.


106: End of Year

Our students are completing their final exams for the year: yesterday, today and Monday. Then, Field Day on Tuesday and our final assembly on Wednesday morning, to celebrate accomplishments and take our projects home for the summer. Exams mark the end of each grading term, and once they are complete, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief!

Once exams are done, vacation begins. Vacation – what a delightful, heavenly, magnificent, wonderful, exciting word. Especially so, since we have not had a break from class now for nearly two months. We are spoiled, by having regular breaks every so often usually. However, this time, our breaks all occurred at the beginning of the year, with none for the end of the year. so, everyone is tired and cranky. Breaks are like medicine for tired and cranky.

I have had a few vacations that were scheduled so tightly that I felt like I needed another vacation to recover from the vacation I took. I have learned from these experiences, because going back to work when you are exhausted from a vacation is really stinky. I now, in my old age, am careful to schedule vacations with a day or so leeway at the end, so I don’t show up for work dragging my tired self in the door. Now, I am wise enough to have a day or two of recover time after a vacation, so I am refreshed, and have clean laundry (a real plus) when it is time to return to the salt mines of work.

This time, I am not returning to work, exactly, after vacation, but it is a paying position as a Camp Teacher for the University’s Summer Camp program for children. I am teaching Art, and preparing the lessons also for the people who will be teaching the non-English speakers basic English. Ten lessons of basic English for three different skill levels. Thirty lessons. Plus, I have the same number of lessons in Art, and I have chosen ten Camp Songs for the children to learn and sing, and prepared the songbook that I will print 200 copies of, as well as their Summer Camp Art Sketchbook, 200 copies of  that one, too. I have already compiled the list of supplies that we will need, and sent that off for purchase, and I am collecting rubbish for use (empty plastic bottles for the papier-mache animals we will make, chicken feathers, sea shells, and other bits and pieces for decorating projects). Getting enough stuff for 200 kids is a LOT OF STUFF!

Some of the supplies I will need I am looking for when we go on vacation, and some I am slowly collecting as I find them here. Summer Camp is going to be fun!!