595: Different Views


Lots of people like to claim fact to support their opinion, and that is generally a good thing – having factual support for the opinion that you hold. It does not, however, mean that your opinion is correct because you have a fact (or several) to cite.

Facts are data. Your opinion is your interpretation of how that fact came into being (cause), your opinion on how that fact has applied (effect) to the situation, and your opinion on how best to ameliorate that fact or situation you think it applies to (solution). Once you state your fact, everything else you spout is opinion. Understand that truth. Even if you have historical precedent that your opinion worked out one way in the past, it does not always mean that it will work out that way now, in the present.

Two people can see the same fact and interpret it widely differently based on the filters, experience, education, and logic they bring with them to interpret those facts, which they use to form their opinions.

Therein lies the rub, particularly when the issues that are being discussed are political ones, or social issues. Those are not simple issues, in part because they affect people of widely differing values, cultures, and circumstances. A solution that works for one segment of the population disenfranchises other segments – a truth that continually evades lawmakers.

I am apparently among the very small minority of people who can respect someone whose opinion differs from mine. I still do not think they are correct, but I can respect that they have some basis for their opinion in fact – exactly like I do. Even when I think they are completely wrong, and they have no basis in fact that I can determine, they are still a human being entitled to their opinion – exactly like I am. YES, it is best if opinions can be formed with factual bases, but understand even when they ARE, we can still legitimately differ in our opinions.

And *I* can respect that.



341: Useless

Did you ever go into work on a day when you KNEW before you got there that you were going to be virtually useless for the day?

That’s today. So – you (actually I) are faced with the decision of whether to go anyway, and fill in the time doing whatever you can manage to get accomplished anyway, knowing that it will be completely bogus and will all probably have to be re-done all over again when you return to work on a day when all of you can actually be present to work, and not just the physical, empty shell of a body that showed up today, OR do you phone in to your boss and fake that phlegmy-sounding cough while you lie about how sick you really aren’t, taking a sick day because you never use them anyway, and you have, like, nearly a hundred saved up that you know they are never going to pay you for anyway, but you keep showing up to work when you are sick anyway, thinking morbidly that maybe some day you will have cancer and you’ll have five year’s worth of sick days saved up, so everything will be just fine.

OR, do you (I) show up for work and do something sneakily bogus, like, visit everyone in the company personally, asking for their feedback on some nifty new project you brainstormed, so it looks like you are industriously gathering DATA while you are actually just visiting everyone and wasting the eight hours so they will pay you, because let’s face it, that’s the real reason you show up for work on ANY given day, and not just this useless day?

OR, do you just blow it all off, phone in and take a personal day, claiming you have vitally important errands you absolutely must accomplish today, even though you only get three personal days a year, as opposed to the 12 sick days you get that you never use even when you are sick, and you already know that the most important, vital thing you might actually get accomplished today is a long-overdue pedicure, where you meticulously trim, buff and polish your toenails a trendy shade of blue or lime green or yellow that you bought at the mall because you were standing in a long check-out line and they had this display of ridiculous nail polishes bearing no resemblance to anything life-like, but you were stuck there in line for over 40 minutes with nothing else to do but stare at them, so you bought one of each?


Yeah, well – this is one of those days.

300: Mining the Data

I never thought I would be one of those people who is fascinated with data. I mean, yeah, I read data, generally in someone’s opinion column where they interpret what the data means, and then I decide if their interpretation of the data is fair and unbiased (yeah, right) or leans heavily in one direction or the other (mostly what happens).

I dislike creating data of my own, even though we all do this everyday, we mostly just don’t record it. It is the recording of the data that is the sucky part. Have you ever had to write down every penny you spend every day as step one to creating a budget to live by? Yuck. Or, have you ever had to write down everything you ate for a week in preparation to making a real commitment to eating healthier, or starting a diet? RECORDING the data stinks. Especially when it is one of those afore-mentioned self-tracking things, because the conclusions you draw when you inspect and analyze your data tell you things about yourself you’d probably rather just not know.

Lately, however, I have discovered the data page on WordPress. This is seriously cool, and it records the data FOR me, so I don’t have to do it, I can just log on and view it whenever I want. MY kind of data. What it shows is that I am slowly coloring in the map of the world with people who live in various countries who have read at least one of my blogs. Jeepers, creepers, is that cool or what? It’s pretty exciting to log on and see another country colored in, meaning a person living there has read a blog.  ANY blog, I don’t care which one – it’s seriously cool beans!  If I ever color in the whole world, I am going out for dinner to celebrate. It’s THAT COOL! OK, I live a sheltered life, but hey – it’s harmless!