612: Division of the House

American political parties stand-off

The conflict in the US over policy goes far, far beyond Democrat or Republican. In all actuality, those two surface divisions are far more alike than they are different. No, it goes far deeper and far more fundamental than political party affiliation.

Where we fundamentally agree is on “what’s best for America and her citizens.” Where we fundamentally disagree is on what exactly that “best” consists of.

To me, it boils down to two camps which are not necessarily identified by party affiliation, and this describes the two and the primary difference between them.

The difference, as I see it, is between those who  want people to stand on their own two feet, to be responsible and mature, and to provide for themselves and the progeny they produce: in effect, a limited government. This refers to the vast majority of able-bodied citizens, not those honestly and deservedly unable to care for themselves through advanced or young age, physical or in limited cases, mental defect. I get it, some people need AND DESERVE help. Unfortunately, there are far too many getting help currently who do not deserve help – they are where they are because of choices they themselves have made, and this camp believes that bad choices should have consequences.

The other camp believes that people actually born and breathing deserve all their needs, nay even their wants and desires (apparently irregardless of practicality or worth) met by a government that cares and provides for them from cradle to grave, in every aspect of life, economy, personal responsibility, decision making and bad choices totally irrelevant. Cost apparently irrelevant as well.

That appears to be where the division of the house occurs. I guess you can tell on which side of that fence I pitch my tent.


365: Getting rid of a corrupt government in the USA

First of all, I cannot believe that it is possible to actually HAVE that statement as a title.  Sheesh, people.

Second, I believe that our innate pride in our country, and our respect for it, is what has prevented the citizens who are angry and pissed-off (and ON, for that matter), from rising up and revolting. Americans follow the law. That is why we unbelievingly, but peacefully,  handed the reins of government over to an inept, useless, do-nothing, no-good excuse for a Presidential candidate when it was announced that the liberals in the inner cities of several key states had actually managed to elect his sorry ass.

And the information about the extreme voter fraud that occurred to get him elected the second time aside, he was elected, and we let the majority of Americans have their say and watched the DemocRATic ass be sworn in for a second term, in spite of knowing full well it was going to be a disaster. Disaster is a relative term, and disaster is getting exponentially worse. What heinous act will this bozo have to commit before Americans overcome their innate  respect for the law and forcefully demand that this idiot be impeached before there is no country left – worthy of respect or NOT??

He is literally the joke of the world, and has been for quite some time – and not just of the civilized world. I hear even Kenya is refusing to claim him as a natural-born citizen lately. No wonder – it is as if he is on a PLAN to destroy not only himself, but America along with him.

You know, when progressive ideas are making things worse and worse, WHEN do liberals finally wake up and admit that their modern policies are complete and total FAILURES? When do they return to tried and true tactics that actually WORK to bring about some CHANGE that isn’t another unmitigated disaster?

I begin to understand all those Central and South American countries that have coups every other week – if their dudes were as hopelessly inept and corrupt as ours are, it is the only way………………………

Is somebody going to have to sacrifice themselves and assassinate him, before he can be stopped? And what about the power players who put this “post turtle” into office and gave him the keys to the kingdom? Will they all have to be assassinated, too?

359: Opinion? Everybody’s Got One…..

…and, like most assholes, they are usually full of shit. Yeah, I know the old joke – that really isn’t a joke. It does appear that most people today ardently believe that other people’s opinions (read: other people’s opposing opinions that don’t agree, lock-step, with mine) are full of shit. Scatology aside, it is fair to say that some people are pretty crappy, and you would expect that their opinions would naturally follow suit.

Still, just because someone does not agree with your view of the world and the rightness of things in general does not, ipso facto, make them shit-carriers. It is possible *gasp* that they could actually have the right of things and YOU are the stinky one.


I commented on Facebook lately to a former student, now grown into independent adulthood quite well, thank you, that he was flogging a dead horse by trying to convince a liberal DemocRAT to change their opinions by presenting them with facts and logic. Liberals recognize nothing that is not on their previously conceived and accepted agenda – all facts to the contrary. They call you ugly names for even trying. And the worst part of it is that they are very, very similar to radical Muslims.

Don’t throw rocks at me. I know Muslims who are decent, hardworking family-oriented people. In fact, praise God, I don’t actually know any Muslims who are not reasonable, rational people, but I read about them all the time in the news, unfortunately, so I do know that not all Muslims are the sort I know. And liberal DemocRATS are like the WORST sort of Muslims. They are rabid about their agenda like fanatical Muslims are about any imagined slur towards the Koran or the prophet Mohammed – and behead all unbelievers.

Notice how violently, aggressively and rabidly the liberals and their complicit cronies, the liberal-oriented press, attack and vilify anyone who has any criticism whatsoever of officially accepted liberal policies or leaders – or who has anything to say in support of what used to be thought of as traditional American values. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! This is fanaticism of the worst sort – that refuses to believe that the opinions (morals, values, ethics whattheheckeveryacall it) of others have any validity at all…not even based on the right to be human and think for oneself. Heck no – behead the unbelievers!!

It is tough enough thinking for yourself without someone who supposedly believes in the sacredness of the individual berating you for doing it. Stand your ground, and persist. Be the boulder in a liberal’s path, and make them GO AROUND. You are important, and so are your opinions…articulated aloud or not.