454: Teacher Respect


I got into a Facebook discussion (fight) that started with someone’s insensitive comments about police officers being despicable, power-hungry racists (which a few of them are) and which MOST of them are emphatically not. My comment in support of police and the sacrifices they make trying to help ensure that the world is a better place caused a person to brag about her Master’s degree and her teaching job, all with execrable grammar.

This, people, is one of the reasons teachers are held in such low esteem. We are supposed to be educated, and we are supposed to write and speak (most of the time, anyway) as if we paid some attention in class. Particularly in English class, since that is the medium of instruction. You don’t want your child in class with a teacher who writes more poorly than your child, now, do you? When a self-proclaimed teacher can’t distinguish between homophones (to, too, and two),  and misuses articles (an crop), among other egregious errors, it embarrasses all teachers. And this person supposedly has a Master’s degree. Yeah, right. From which online college did you buy that worthless piece of paper, honey-child?

The more this person replied to my comments, the worse it got. Finally, as a teaching professional, I was just embarrassed on her behalf, and she seriously, honestly, never got a clue. Thank God I am fairly close to retirement, and do not have to school the new crop of educators, because honey-child, it isn’t pretty. I quote:

I never personal attacker her she is rude go back and read what she wrote as a teacher I am saddened by her … Like seriously .. I would be ashamed .. You can delete me if you like … But I refuse to be belittled by someone who does not even know me ..

The Grammar Nazi in me is freaking out (quietly) right now. Thank you, Jesus, that my children are graduated and no longer in school.



165: Patience…or maybe not….

I have NO  patience. And I have learned at great cost not to ask God to grant me more patience, because I have figured out how He does that for you – He gives you LOTS of opportunities for you to practice patience, and THAT I can do without! I just wanted the patience, “abra-ca-dabra” – I certainly did not want to  earn it or learn it. NOT.  That is the problem with answered prayer: God has an incredible sense of humor.

Once, shortly after the death of my first husband, I was worn out with doing the job of two parents – keeping up with work, home, children, church and every other nit-picking thing, and I went outside on a bright sunny Saturday to wash and wax the car and truck, and the whole time I was washing and waxing, I was having this one-sided conversation with God.

I discussed the state  of my life, the degree to which I felt overworked, and the longer I discussed this (in great detail) the more frustrated I got. I finished the cars, and concluded with the very loud, very positive statement that I had had all the s### from heaven that I could take, and I did NOT want any more. I stomped off  into the house.

The next morning we got up to go to church in our freshly washed-and-waxed car, and as I came outside, I could not believe my eyes. The absolutely hugest splotches of bird crap I have EVER seen -buzzards?? Canadian geese?? TURKEYS?? CONDORS??? had flown overhead and let go right over my two clean vehicles – and gotten them both GOOD. I could not help but laugh at God’s sense of humor – I sure got crap from heaven that day!!! Served me right – God was not responsible for  my frustration – I was. I’m very glad I serve a God who understands frustration, and is big enough not to let a little frustration from me disturb his sense of humor.