652: Momentum


Too much stuff: events, duties, responsibilities, dates, commitments, opportunities


all at the same time.

Long days with little restful sleep and too many things to orchestrate that don’t appear to want to be orchestrated.

Dissonance. Harmony long gone.

Control? Control a runaway train?


But it is possible to ride a runaway train until its momentum slows and becomes manageable.

And saying ‘no’ more often will certainly help.

Meanwhile – enjoy the ride.



627: YES

photo (12)

Marking time isn’t a decent way to use up your life.

I have this theory about why time seems to speed up so much as people age. Remember when you were very young, how every day – even every hour – held magical new things to discover and wonder over, to enjoy and create? Where did that go? The next hour, the next experience, held magic! Where did the magic go?

As you get older, it isn’t every hour, or even sometimes, every day. You start living for the weekends, instead of for the next day, or the next moment. Instead of anticipating your life 365 days a year – you are down to 52 weekends. See how time is speeding up? The other days are ordinary, nothing special, not memorable.

As your responsibilities accrue, pretty soon even the weekends are “normal” and you begin to anticipate only the special events, and momentous holidays, and THOSE are often months apart, not just days or weeks. Now you look forward to, and mark time by, only six or seven events a year.


No. I am not living life this way. I want my moments back, my fabulous, everyday days. I want to tell my life YES, and live it consciously, daily, minute-by-minute. I am slowing down the insane merry-go-round, and stepping off into greener pastures. YES.


476: MAKE Me


You make me.

You make me improve. I want to be better when I am with you. I want to be worthy of you, and I want you to enjoy being with the person that I am too.

You make me live. I like doing things because you enjoy them, too – I get up and get moving because I know someone else (important to me) is up and moving, too – let’s start the day!

You make me think. About lots of things – things that are silly, things that are inspirational, things that are depressing, things that I might not take the time to consider, if not for the fact that you said something, or did something, that made me pause, and think. I like it!

You make me laugh. When you confess quirky things you did, or express your interesting takes on life, love, and the world in general. I delight in you and the ways that you are human. Laughter is a good way to live life.

You make me respect. I respect the person I see that lives inside of you – the respect you have for others inspires me to offer to others often undeserved respect because they are human, too. You make me respect the me I can see reflected from you.

You make me appreciate myself. All the ways that I am: the things I enjoy, the things I will not do for all the right reasons, the ways I am strong, and the ways I look to your strength instead of depending on my own. I stand taller because of you.

You make me joyful. Sharing all sorts of things with you is a delight for the senses and the spirit. You are never boring, even when there is nothing special happening – it is still special. That is amazingly joyful!

You make me hope. What I thought I would never find, could never have, would never experience. You make it all seem not only possible, but incredibly enough, actually within reach. I hope.

You make me dream of all that could be. Of all that will be between us. Of all that life can offer us both.

Now, we get to see if I can make you, too.

62: Getting OLD

I want to live my life (at least what is left of it) where everything new is a new toy. Fez, my adorable champagne-colored kitty girl, loves checking out the new stuff that mom and dad bring home occasionally. The boxes, bags and totes full of stuff are a rich source of new toys, especially the containers.

I remember my young children were the exact same way. Their first few Christmases and birthdays, the BOXES got played with for a much longer period of time than the toys did. Fez is SOOOO there.

Mojo wanted to buy a pressure cooker for a project he found on the Internet: a homemade liquor still, complete with recipes for various brews. He needed a pressure cooker to get started. A new pressure cooker was prohibitively expensive, so he searched at the flea market for a used one, found one at a good price, and brought it home. It was discovered within minutes of its arrival by Fez, who determined that it was the perfect size for a nice, cozy nap. If you look closely at her picture, you can see that she is yawning.

Mojo almost did not get his pressure cooker back from her. I want my life to be like that. The joys of discovery, the simple things, the ordinary, delightful little stuff that makes each day special (if you will let it). I am ready to LET IT! I am still much too young to be old, and I am going to live like I am a youngster again. Each day IS special, and I am going to live it that way!

13: Jobs

If you are negative about every aspect of a particular career, perhaps you should re-consider your vocational choices and options! EVERY job has negative things about it, but if you can find nothing positive to say about a job, perhaps that one is not for you. Life is far too short to go to work every day at a job that you absolutely hate. There are too many career options out there in this great big, beautiful world to tough it out in a bad place. Make some choices and make some changes!

Sometimes that means getting some more education, to qualify for a better position in a new place. Sometimes it just means that you meed to apply for a different job in a new location, even if it is in the same career field. Sometimes just switching out some bad co-workers makes all the difference, even if the job remains the same. Hopefully, it is not YOU who is one of the bad co-workers, because that would mean having to do some serious soul searching and attitude adjusting, which is never an easy process.

I dislike poor co-workers – the grumpy ones who are always fussing and complaining about this or that. NO job is perfect, and EVERY job has parts that just plain stink. Suck it up and deal with it. Enjoy all the OTHER parts that you do like. And if there are not any parts that you do like – GET ANOTHER JOB!!