637: Benefits


There are advantages to living in a small town. Wonderful, affirming advantages.

There are also issues. One of those is the stranglehold a large employer has on the people who make up their current employees and their potential workforce.

See, in a larger metropolis, employees who are treated unfairly or just don’t feel appreciated for whatever reason, those employees can vote with their feet and take a different job with another company, generally without a huge amount of disruption to their lives. Many don’t even have to move their households to change jobs. As a result, some employers understand about treating their employees fairly, since they know the people have choices. At the same time, there is a correspondingly larger pool of employee candidates in a larger town, too, so maybe that advantage actually is a wash when all is said and done.

However, in a smaller town, a large employer is much more impervious to treating employees fairly because they know they are one of the few places anywhere around that has the pay and benefits people need to survive in this modern age. If an employee isn’t happy, they often are forced to suck it up, knowing that they will have to move their families and sell their homes to be able to relocate somewhere that has equivalent pay and benefits compared to the job they now hold with the abusive employer. This prospect is fairly risky, and many play it safe (throwing no rocks, here – I totally understand) and put up with being abused on the job, because it can be expensive to relocate – and it is certainly stressful to most people. I understand about needing a job, but at what cost?

Management has to get pretty obviously lousy to even casual observers before enough employees begin to lose their fear of the costs of calling it quits, and stand up for their rights, or just pack it in and say to hell with it, and get the heck out of Dodge.

I have been blessed in this employment department on several counts. First, I am a preacher’s daughter and for my dad, that was akin to being a military brat – we moved every year or so. I learned not to get attached to a house, or a geographic location, for that matter. It does not freak me out to move. I know I can land on my feet and be pretty content nearly anywhere.

The second advantage I have is that my career preparation happens to be a fairly unusual one that just happens to be in high demand in my part of the world, and indeed, pretty much the entire world over. I have always known that if I got fired today, I could pretty much be working tomorrow in SEVERAL locations not too far away, or as far away as I chose to go. Not everyone else has that security. Plus, I discovered that I can make a go of it even if I decide to leave the country again, so even if I were to be blackballed (yes, that does happen), I could still quite easily be hired overseas, because I am good at what I do, and I know it. That is also pretty liberating, and also something most others are unwilling to contemplate to escape an abusive employer.

They’d rather be abused, and stay where they are. Change is scary. It is also liberating, and full of infinite possibilities for a better life. Sometimes counting the cost costs too much. Be willing to take a chance.

Consider all the things that can go RIGHT, for once.


356: Voting With Your Feet

How  many of you are fed up with the state of the United States? How many of you simply cannot believe that our once-proud nation has been taken over by sluggards, sloths, free-loaders and leeches, many of whom are illegally present within the country, and who are taking benefits hand-over-fist originally designed to assist citizens Рwhich they are NOT? How many of you are fed up that the elected officials are assisting in this non-USA take-over as hard and as fast as humanly possible?

You can vote – except that states Obama won don’t have a voter ID law, which facilitated the massive voter fraud that got his sorry a** elected not once, but twice. The other way you can vote is with your feet. You can leave, and stop assisting in the suicide of the USA with your tax dollars. I did it. I sold my belongings, and moved country. No, I am not a multi-gazillionaire, looking to hide my assets from the rapacious USA tax code – but for those who are, more power to you. Hurting the USA financially appears to be the only way politicians ever listen.

I moved out of the USA. No, I have not (yet) repudiated my citizenship…but if they keep going the way they are going, that will be coming soon, too. How do you just leave the country? Easy. Work overseas. Especially if you are a teacher, you don’t have to put up with draconian USA Department of Education crap. Nor do you have to unwillingly donate half or more of your income to the greedy USA IRS, either.

Teachers can quite easily make the transition to ex-patriot life. Not sure about other career options, but they do exist overseas, as well. Teachers earn USA tax-free income, and sometimes also pay no taxes in the country where they are living and teaching. Plus, international schools OFTEN provide free housing and medical insurance, plus many offer free flights there and back. And the students are students, like anywhere else. Some good, some bad, so what? So, my money is no longer feeding that insatiable USA government-out-of-control.

Vote with your feet. LEAVE.