587: To be….is to act as if


I am.

You are.

We act as if we are.


I can’t help it if some people (using that term loosely, mind you) act as if they are not. I am not responsible for people who deliberately choose to be less. It isn’t because of me, or because of how I voted, or any other reason than the true one – they CHOSE.

I can’t help that, but I can condemn it, and we as a group can prosecute and punish it, and so we should.

While the rest of us act as if….we ARE…..human BEings.


557: Community Theater

My new hubs (still bright and shiny after six months) and I are in a community theater play tonight and tomorrow night. It is a reader’s theater, which means we cheat and don’t actually memorize our lines, we read them, in full costume, instead. Sort of like beginner’s theater, or theater for us forgetful old folks.

I like the opportunity to participate in something fun with others who are like-minded. It’s why I like to visit new countries as part of a tour group: you get the experience of not only the location, but the group as well. Usually, being part of the group makes the experience more fun, and it is nice when in a new place to know if something happens, you are not alone to have to deal with it. Plus, expensive surprises are usually absent, too – a real bonus of traveling with a group.

This play is a committee meeting: a group of church ladies planning a church function. Except that I am the only actual lady – the other ‘ladies’ are all men, and every single one has a beard, goatee, or at least a mustache. I will fit right in……..