594: Beauty invisible


Talk to me

of what is within you.

Tell me

what stirs your soul and what

makes your heart leap, in joy and in fear.

Draw me a word picture

of the art inside your mind.

Touch me

with your words.

Seduce me

through my ears

with all that you are.


593: Enough


What is enough?

What is excess – what is not enough?

Can I trust this yearning inside that tells me

yes, this is lacking, and no, that is surfeit?

There is no better judge, no better measure

of enough

than resides in this heart

that beats in this breast

in this body

that is the center of my personal universe.

There can be no better understanding

as that is the only understanding

I will ever, ever know.

Trusting what is within me

to be enough.

574: Those Who Are Important


There are those people who are important

to me, and those who are important to you.

I trust your judgment even when

I do not trust those who are important to you.

In this, this important life that lives between us, I am not central and

you are not central. The life that lives between us, and binds us heart-to-heart,

is central.

Because of you, I choose to respect those who are important to you,

to honor the life between us.

To honor you.

400: Good Heart Counts For Little


Having a good heart

Wanting the best for everyone concerned

Looking out for the little guy and

Being fair

To others, not just to myself

Nets me very, very, very little on this old world.

I will be eternally grateful

That this is not my home

And that I have a better place to go

Where the others


Think a lot more like I do

And a lot less like nearly everyone else does


324: Courage!!

sperm-and-eggWhen your self-esteem is at its lowest ebb, when you are on your knees struggling to get up from one or another of life’s KO punches, remember this: YOU were the victorious winner of a race against millions of other competitors. YOU won the race to the egg. You would not be you if another had won that race…..take heart and renew your courage – you were a winner before you were born.