572: Family


Family can be your greatest treasure and resource, the source of unending strength and encouragement.

Family can be your greatest disappointment, the source of incredible angst and unmitigated pain.

Some family members are the most stalwart, loyal, got-your-back, genuine humans on Earth

and some can’t be trusted as far as you could throw Mount Everest on a clear day.

Some show you a genuine and honest face of acceptance and unending love

others show a mask of genuineness and honesty that is as pretty and as false as a cubic zirconia – and is worth even less.

As you grow older and wiser, you learn to appreciate and honor those who return your love, and to avoid those who don’t.

Even if you gave birth to them.


489: The Test


A test is supposed to show what you know. If you are not prepared for it, is will also show what you don’t know.

Relationship tests are like that. If you are not ready, the test will show what you don’t know. It can show you don’t know what your values are, or it will show what values [sic] you do have, to your discredit. That you think it is OK to cheat, for example.

There are plenty of people today who are looking for a good time. If that is all you want, be honest. You will find someone else with that same goal, trust me. No hard feelings, No drama. Be honest.

When you are prepared, take the relationship test. And give it your best effort.