640: Logic

Colorado has legalized marijuana. You can get it, it is regulated, and it isn’t against the law to have it. Like a right. Some people there, however, are choosing to misuse it and drive while under its influence. People are getting killed from this wrongdoing, because driving while under the influence has always been illegal.


But nobody is calling to have the law repealed to make marijuana illegal again, because it helps sick people, and not everyone misuses it. Still, people are dying because of those who get it legally, and misuse it.

Scotus Guns

America has legal private gun ownership. You can get them, they are regulated, and it isn’t against the law to have them. Like a right. Some people, however, are choosing to misuse them and murder innocent people with them. People are getting killed from this wrongdoing, because murder has always been illegal.

But everyone (seemingly) is calling to have the law repealed to make gun ownership illegal, even though they help people and not everyone misuses them. Still, people are dying because of those who get them legally (and illegally), and misuse them.

See how that works?


576: Penthouse Episode


If you are in a committed relationship, your man thinks he has finally given up his last chance at ever having a Penthouse Episode. You know the ones….they used to appear in the pages of that magazine,  and factual or not, they were a glimpse into the fantasies of the average man. To have a woman so crazy for him that she would pretty much just attack and overwhelm him with her physical desire and her deep, inescapable need of his amazing, devastating masculinity.

Ladies – if you are in a committed relationship, give this gift to your man. Choose your time and place, since nobody wants to be arrested by the law (major passion killer, that), but pick a time and place and let him know in no uncertain terms how much you want and need him in that basic, elemental female-to-male way. He will be amazed, surprised, incredulous – and grateful, proud, and manly. Show that man you love above all others that you want and desire HIM – above all others.

Trust me, even if you are bashful when you do it, he will be thrilled. Every man wants to be loved and adored – show him that you are the woman who does love and adore him.

Give him his very own, personal and private Penthouse Episode. Doesn’t he deserve it?

405: The Trouble With Islam

Muslims are followers of the religion of Islam, as explained by the prophet Mohammed. He made it up, modeled after the Arab life in the desert which was all he knew. Muslims are born into Islam, not necessarily converted into it, or choosing it. If your parent (either one, but especially your father) is Muslim, ipso facto, you as their child are Muslim – like it or not. There is no such thing as leaving Islam, or converting to (choosing) another religion other than Islam: the penalty for such is death. EXACTLY like the Mafia. Once you are in, you are in, period. The teachings of Islam are clear – Islam is the superior religion, and trumps all others.

And, very much like the Mafia, Islam has a very clear set of “us versus them” rules, set forth by Mohammed verbally (he was illiterate and could not read and write Arabic, his own language), and codified by his followers into holy scripture, called hadiths, or laws, which together, make up the rules of Sharia law, the code under which which Muslims live in Islamic countries. Mohammed is regarded as the perfect man (just like Jesus) only there is no claim that he actually was divine – he is just treated as such by his followers. Nothing he said, or that others wrote that he said, is questionable, under penalty of apostasy (blasphemy) and death. ANY negative or critical talk or questioning of any sort of Mohammed (or of any scripture of the Koran) is apostasy, punishable by death. No questions allowed. If your religion is so superior, why can it not stand up to the questions of others seeking to understand? What are you afraid of?

Many Muslims themselves are ignorant of what their scriptures actually say – except for what the imam (the “priest’ at the mosque) tells them. This is because Muslims accept no translations of the Koran – it must be read in Arabic – and Arabic Muslims have conquered a lot of countries that they now rule whose native languages are not Arabic. I studied Spanish for years in high school and college, and I still am at the beginner intermediate stage of literacy. The same is true for lots of Muslims, who cannot read the Arabic the Koran is written in, so they don’t know all of what it says. Even among Arabic speaking countries, there is a very high illiteracy rate, and even native speakers often cannot read the language – or the scriptures.

There is no such thing as the Christian’s Golden Rule in Islam, which says treat others as you wish them to treat you. Nothing about basic respect of human life. In fact, there is its exact opposite: one set of rules for how to treat fellow Muslims, and another set for how to treat everyone else who is non-Muslim. Guess what Mohammed had to say about everybody else not following his version of religion? Kill them. That’s right, the writings of Mohammed’s sayings record that the prophet, this ‘perfect’ man, said to kill all unbelievers (or just enslave them if they are useful to you), and that no Muslim can punish any other Muslim for this act. Marching orders and absolution (forgiveness) and praise for the act be unto him who follows this hadith. Mankind can be grateful that most Muslims have basic humanity, and choose not to obey the prophet on this law – but it IS A LAW. And there are plenty of Muslims who do choose to follow this law.

In fact, Muslims are obligated by hadith to lie to non-Muslims to help spread the religion of Islam world-wide – but allow no such talk of, or spread of other religions in the lands they control. It is a one-way street. If Islam is so perfect a religion, surely all people who learn of it will embrace it, and convert, right? No? Maybe the religion is not as perfect as you claim it to be?

There are 35,213 Koran verses, hadiths, Sharia laws and other Muslim scriptures commanding and encouraging killing, war, annihilation, corporal punishment, hatred, boycott, humiliation and subjugation for Muslim followers, which are aimed mostly at non-Muslims (Darwish, 2008, p. 219). And we, those of us who are non-Muslim, at whom most of that hatred is spewing, are supposed to believe Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims view the ‘peace’ happening only after the entire world is under Islamic rule and law, obviously, and all opposition to Islam is crushed. If the god of Islam is so all-powerful, why does he need mere humans to do his dirty work? Surely a god is powerful enough to smite his own enemies, as has been demonstrated and proved by the God of Abraham that the Jews and Christians worship. What Islam is, is a religion of tyrant men who want to take over the world, just like the cartoons on Saturday morning TV. Only these guys are serious, and they are not funny.

387: Misdirection, Diversion, Bait-and-switch, Spin

I ran across a video slamming people who say that immigrants are sinking the country (you pick whichever country you like). For starters, every country has immigrants, except for those actively involved in a war, and even then, they get mercenaries. Immigration is the influx of people who are migrating to try and improve their lives. Any geography or history textbook will tell you about this topic, and the causes of it. People migrate due to environmental factors (drought and famine), war, medical reasons (plagues come to mind), for financial reasons (government implosion and mass inflation), and for political reasons (Barack Obama got elected – TWICE).  That last reason is why I migrated from the USA.

What I see from the news coming out of America is that they are masters of diversionary tactics, these Obama-drones, as are most other liberal policy followers. You have to be a master of spin to keep believing in failed liberal policies, now, don’t you? Especially to keep promoting said failed liberal policies to inexperienced new generations of people who also believe they know better than anyone else, and therefore, should be running the world. That’s why we call it young AND STUPID. That problem is usually fixed with time and experience.

This particular video: http://www.upworthy.com/next-time-someone-tells-you-that-immigrants-are-destroying-our-country-show-them-this?c=reccon1, goes into exquisite detail about how immigrants are not destroying the nation. Guess what? This nation was founded upon immigrants. Period. Of course immigrants are not the problem.  Immigrants are not the problem.

The problem with immigrants, any sort of immigrants, is not the ones who come legally into a country and work, start a business, raise a family, attend school, pay taxes, employ people. The problem is the ones who don’t do it legally, and the politicians who cater to a segment of the population that are not citizens of the nation they were elected to serve.

This sort of video does not address the problem with immigrants. Legal immigrants have the right. The problem with immigrants is that illegal ones, breaking the law, ALSO have the rights – and should not have.


365: Getting rid of a corrupt government in the USA

First of all, I cannot believe that it is possible to actually HAVE that statement as a title.  Sheesh, people.

Second, I believe that our innate pride in our country, and our respect for it, is what has prevented the citizens who are angry and pissed-off (and ON, for that matter), from rising up and revolting. Americans follow the law. That is why we unbelievingly, but peacefully,  handed the reins of government over to an inept, useless, do-nothing, no-good excuse for a Presidential candidate when it was announced that the liberals in the inner cities of several key states had actually managed to elect his sorry ass.

And the information about the extreme voter fraud that occurred to get him elected the second time aside, he was elected, and we let the majority of Americans have their say and watched the DemocRATic ass be sworn in for a second term, in spite of knowing full well it was going to be a disaster. Disaster is a relative term, and disaster is getting exponentially worse. What heinous act will this bozo have to commit before Americans overcome their innate  respect for the law and forcefully demand that this idiot be impeached before there is no country left – worthy of respect or NOT??

He is literally the joke of the world, and has been for quite some time – and not just of the civilized world. I hear even Kenya is refusing to claim him as a natural-born citizen lately. No wonder – it is as if he is on a PLAN to destroy not only himself, but America along with him.

You know, when progressive ideas are making things worse and worse, WHEN do liberals finally wake up and admit that their modern policies are complete and total FAILURES? When do they return to tried and true tactics that actually WORK to bring about some CHANGE that isn’t another unmitigated disaster?

I begin to understand all those Central and South American countries that have coups every other week – if their dudes were as hopelessly inept and corrupt as ours are, it is the only way………………………

Is somebody going to have to sacrifice themselves and assassinate him, before he can be stopped? And what about the power players who put this “post turtle” into office and gave him the keys to the kingdom? Will they all have to be assassinated, too?

199: Murphy’s at it again

For anyone who has not heard of Murphy’s Law, here is the “authorized” definition from the Web (which, of course, means it is utterly true and reliable): http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/murphy’s+law, noun:
the facetious proposition that if something can go wrong, it will.
Also called Murphy’s First Law. Origin: Americanism; after a fictitious Murphy, allegedly the name of a bungling mechanic in U.S. Navy educational cartoons of the 1950s.
So now you know.

Murphy struck again. I have a little plastic car. It is cheap, but reliable; old but trustworthy; not beautiful, but dependable. When we had it repaired (read re-BUILT) after someone hit my husband, the body man did not replace one of the taillights that had a rather small chip knocked out of it. He did not replace it because even though it was damaged, the damage did not appreciably affect the performance, so he figured it was just fine, even though it does not look pretty anymore. The other taillight was just fine, being on the other side of the car from where the impact occurred.

We park our car on the street. This is because the one garage that my apartment building has is occupied by my landlord’s vehicle, being that he lives on the second floor just below us. There is no other secured storage, so we park in front of our building and hope for the best. Well. Right.

One morning last week, as I left the house at 7:30 am to go and pick up my carpoolers for work, I discovered that someone during the night had hit? backed into? broken? the taillight: not the already damaged taillight – oh, NO…..they smashed into little, bitty pieces the taillight that hitherto was undamaged. Of course. Murphy.

Now, instead of replacing ONE damaged taillight, now we get to replace TWO. Dang Murphy.