609: Untrustworthy


WHY is it absolutely necessary, essential even, that I be supervised whilst scooping the kitty litter box?



114:Shirking Duty

Cats are clean creatures. Besides spending hours cleaning themselves every day, they prefer to perform their necessary bodily functions in a sandy place where they can dig a hole, deposit the mess, and coverĀ it up. Their human parents appreciate this tendancy. A LOT.

However, even though this process is instinctual, and you don’t really have to teach cats to do this, occasionally they fall short of performing the entire job. Medina is a fastidious lady. She does not like getting dirty. Occasionally, when she would cover up her poop, she would soil her dainty white paws. This obviously distressd her, and she “solved” the problem. When she poops, she stands up, rests her front paws on the rim of the cat pan, and makes covering motions THERE, safely away from any nasty mess.

Timinia, who also has white paws, has trumped her. When he is done pooping, he gets out of the litter pan entirely, and THEN makes covering up motions – completely outside the pan, where he pooped. This, of course, leaves mom and dad less than pleased, since we have open, smelly piles to scoop, instead of the usual “buried treasure” that we scoop for daily, to remove nasty messes from the litter pans. We already have four litter pans, so it’s not like they don’t have a choice.

I suppose the only option is to get another litter pan, so there is even less crowding then usual. They are interesting personalities, though!