625: Not Perfect


I am not perfect. That is why I am Christian. I know full well I am not perfect, and that I need my God and a church family to help me be a better person than I would probably be left to my own devices. I need encouragement, I like being useful to others, I like helping out with activities and outreach. I need Christian accountability in the same way an alcoholic needs AA – when I am out of fellowship, I slide into sometimes destructive behaviors and ways of thinking that are not always uplifting and wholesome. I don’t want to focus on the problems, but instead – the possibilities. That’s not who I want to be, that negative person – so I attend, where I am in community with others who want to be reminded of all the good things we can do in love, and who we can be following the greatest example I can find. Church goers aren’t attending a saint’s club, but instead, a hospital for sinners who are looking for and wanting a better way. That’s a good church.

If I was a perfect person, I would not need a church family, or God, for that matter. I could be out enjoying my Sundays with all the other perfect people who don’t feel the need to attend. Why do perfect people need anybody or anything else?

What I am is trying to be better today than I was yesterday. I am not perfect, and don’t pretend to be.

13: Jobs

If you are negative about every aspect of a particular career, perhaps you should re-consider your vocational choices and options! EVERY job has negative things about it, but if you can find nothing positive to say about a job, perhaps that one is not for you. Life is far too short to go to work every day at a job that you absolutely hate. There are too many career options out there in this great big, beautiful world to tough it out in a bad place. Make some choices and make some changes!

Sometimes that means getting some more education, to qualify for a better position in a new place. Sometimes it just means that you meed to apply for a different job in a new location, even if it is in the same career field. Sometimes just switching out some bad co-workers makes all the difference, even if the job remains the same. Hopefully, it is not YOU who is one of the bad co-workers, because that would mean having to do some serious soul searching and attitude adjusting, which is never an easy process.

I dislike poor co-workers – the grumpy ones who are always fussing and complaining about this or that. NO job is perfect, and EVERY job has parts that just plain stink. Suck it up and deal with it. Enjoy all the OTHER parts that you do like. And if there are not any parts that you do like – GET ANOTHER JOB!!