301: Dealing With Government

People who take government jobs forfeit the appellation “people.” They cease to be human and morph into government drones. All humanity is forcibly removed, and what is left does not qualify as human anymore.

We have a Moroccan friend who joined our family and that means dealing with government in order to arrange all the necessary paperwork for her to accompany us to Panama. She needs a visa from the Panamanian government allowing her to live there with us (expected), and another visa allowing her to change planes in the USA on the way to Central America (NOT expected). Our government makes people pay a fee and get a visa in order to change planes in the US. Legally passing through the USA – and have to pay a fee and get a visa.  

Our government sucks the a……kisses the butt of every illegal alien who manages to sneak across the border: free food, medical care, housing, cell phones, voting rights, and any-other-freaking-thing-you-want, but a foreigner who is solvent (has the funds for an airplane ticket) and who is PASSING THROUGH the US on their way somewhere else, has to pay a fee and obtain a visa. Is this freaking NUTS or what? Punish legitimate people, and embrace illegal people who did what they did, knowingly intending to commit a crime by coming to the US illegally.

Chaps my butt. Seriously. I am totally perturbed, annoyed, frustrated, angered, and just plain mad.