539: Anguish

Soul deep sadness, restless spirit

Toss and turn, wakeful

Burning red-orange brands

Searing the psyche with bleak hopelessness.

Why now, at this late date

Am I hoping I will find that which I have sought from the time I knew it was missing?

I have been wrong before.

The odds are not good.

I have ever been

A gambler



535: Beginning


A beginning

brightwithpromise, fraughtwithchoices

exciting and frightening

restless sleep, dreaming of possibilities and terrors

opportunities and nightmares

chances and horrors

ideas and fears

good and bad


time to live it

either way

534: I don’t know


I don’t know.

I don’t know how it will turn out.

I don’t know if time will prove this is the right decision.

I don’t know whether I am worthy of the challenge. I don’t know if you are.

I don’t know how I will feel in five years.

I don’t know how the details will work out, if things will fall into place and make this possible.

I don’t know how others will react.

I don’t know if the results, the rewards, will prove worth the risk and effort it will take.

I don’t know how much time we will have.

What I do know is that I hope, and because of that hope, I commit to you.

For now, and for all the tomorrows I have, every day: my choice is you, and by extension, US.

THAT, I do know.


What I hope is good, right, worthy, love, in time, happiness, and YES, for all the time we both have left,

and for all the time to come, even after that.


(dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. CINOR (Constantly In Need Of Reassurance)

533: Too Much to Say


Too much to say.

Stars collide, and spin changes in human lives.

Taurus of the Earth and Cancer of the Water.

A planet of eight billion (others)

and of only two.

A universe of only two.

Bound, bonded, committed to be

together for the rest

of our time

until our time is ended and eternity begins.


Two beings with one

heart, mind, spirit.


Too much to say.

525: Talk to Me

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Talk to me.

Speak volumes to me, simply by your presence, in your silences, in

the steady regard of those deep hazel eyes.

Those precious times when conversation stalls into pregnant silence as my hazel eyes breathlessly lock with yours.

I can read where your thoughts have traveled, there in those green-brown pools.

The most excellent part of that journey is that I am already there waiting for you.

Come for me.


514: Icarus

Desire, heat, bright and beckoning,

my goal, my paradise, my home.

Striving, straining, struggling, reaching:

faltering, failing, falling –

pain and destruction. Anger.

Bitter ashes.

Time and healing, forgiveness.

Resurrection of hope – looking skywards once more.

New wings; better, stronger than before.

New hope, and new desire; better, stronger than before.

Flying ever higher, higher, higher…………

Touching the face of God.


I made it