635: 146 countries


So far, one of my posts has been read (well, viewed) by at least one person from 146 different countries. I checked the WordPress map.  (It is on your stats page, where the map is that shows today’s views is located – you can check your views from ‘all time’ to see the total number of views and what countries they came from)

That’s pretty humbling. And pretty exciting! Yeah, I know, I lead a sheltered existence. 🙂

The hope, of course, is that they found something there that they thought was interesting, or funny, or something that made them think about (or think differently) about the topic contained therein. Or, find satisfaction in finding at least one other human who thinks like they do……….SOMEthing.

That’s what this blogging thing is all about – well, that and the fact that I process things verbally. Just getting something that has been in my mind onto the page helps clarify it for me and means I can exorcise it out of my mind knowing it is now committed to the page so I no longer have to think about it constantly. WHEW! What a relief!

I’m still waiting for somebody from Greenland……..


599: Criticism and Karma

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You know, I got a lot of chiding when your candidate was ruling the free world, and my posts and comments expressed my personal dissatisfaction with his methods and morals. I recall being labeled “petty,” and “vindictive,” and “patently and obviously unfair and biased.”

The shoe is on the other foot, now. What are you posting, that you derided me for posting? And what have I NOT had to say to you about it?

I’m going to just leave this here, for those who are able to think, and those who understand the definition of irony, and those who might comprehend when someone else has taken the higher road.

And that won’t be very many peeps, now, will it?


433: Add New Post


Life is a lot like blogging, as long as you are a reflective thinker. Things happen, you think about them, and you write about them on your blog, explaining them to yourself, sometimes. Most times. I do it like that, anyway, even if you don’t.

I include events, thoughts, actions, observations, jokes, ideas, occasions, hurts, insults, praises, and other routine and not-so-routine things that happen. They are laid bare for the world (OK, maybe not the WORLD) to see here, and to comment upon, should someone feel so moved. I think about things, and I process them here.

Sometimes, these ruminations upon the cosmos clarify what I think about the events in question, and sometimes the thought process just muddies the waters. Regardless, I feel as though I have made some progress in my own understanding of the world in general, and of me in specific, through utilization of this method. It is reason enough to continue, no?